12 Ways To Know You Went To Catholic School


1. You can recite more prayers than state capitals.

2. Your closet consists of only khakis and solid color polo shirts. No need for expressing yourself through your wardrobe when you have a variety of different colored polo shirts to choose from. You have a color for every day of the week! Yellow when you’re happy, blue when you’re sad.. the list goes on! When you enter the college world you pretty much feel like Patrick from Sponge Bob coming out from under his rock. The world is open to you in the forms of “jeans” and “patterns” words that were considered blasphemy in your previous life. On the plus side, you’ll always be ready for a job interview.

3. You’ve gone to Church twice a week for as long as you can remember. That adds up to about 960 masses in the course of your 12 years, not including summers. It’s almost strange not to go.

4. You’ve probably been hit by a nun more than once. Never look under that piece of paper that covers the computer keys when you are learning to type. Just don’t do it.

5. You’ve had more religion classes than that of the typical religious studies minor. You can probably list all of the books of the Bible and whip out verses whenever you please. Also, you know some pretty impressive/useless facts such as when and where the Great Schism occurred. Your vocabulary is also pretty impressive since you know what transubstantiation means.

6. You’ve been in the same grade with the same people since Kindergarten. Everyone knows everyone and everything about everyone whether you like it our not. You know that one time you dropped that pencil in your 5th grade class and you bent over to pick it up and your pants ripped? Yeah, that will be with you for the rest of your life. Luckily, those same people that you have grown up with your whole life share a special bond with you and become great life long best friends.

7. You know the lyrics to more church songs than songs on the radio. You may not know why everybody in the club is getting tipsy, but you do know that blest are they the poor and spirit because theirs is the kingdom of God.

8. You are practically fluent in Latin. You do not even hesitate when pronouncing dona nobis pacem and tantum ergo sacramentum.

9. The best day of the year is Mardi Gras because you can eat your heart out before you endure agony in the garden by giving up your favorite food for 40 days.

10. Your teachers will still remember you and ask about you even after you’ve been gone for 10 plus years. They will probably take out all of the anger they had for you on your younger siblings.

11. You have done far more community service and charity work than you can ever remember.

12. You never got a spring break because Holy Thursday through Easter Sunday was considered your spring break. Even though Catholic School was different and maybe extremely strict, you will still probably laugh and maybe cry at some of the memories. TC Mark

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