She Is Fire

She is the type of woman that will bleed into your veins as she speaks, for she is what brings you to life. Her presence consumes you and you feel as though you are intoxicated by her very essence. She is fire to your ice, she is the flame that grows as the wind picks up.

She is more than you could imagine and still continues to leave you with your mouth gaping open.

She is intelligent and opinionated; she will always call you out on the bullshit that you spew. She will not be silenced. She will only speak louder if you try to keep her quiet. She is a beautiful disaster and she knows it. She will read you like a book that she has read over and over again. She can do this because she slipped into your mind even as you were trying to keep her out. She is that song that you cannot get out of your head no matter how hard you try.

You will distance yourself from her as she gets too close to your deepest thoughts, so she waits, knowing that you will not be able to keep away.

She is a beauty that you have never seen before, she is her own person and she will remind you of that. You cannot own her, you cannot tie her down. Any time that you get closer to her flame is because she allowed you to get closer but she knows she doesn’t need you. She is strong and proud because she is a woman. Her eyes radiate life and she breathes the earth. She is the thunder during a rain storm and the loud wind during a snow storm. Her presence is like a cup of coffee in the morning, waking you up for the day.

You can’t help but be captivated by her because she is full of surprises. You can never expect what she will do next.

She is the one that makes you breathless, as she moves through you like water that is soaked into the ground of your body. You drink her in, always craving more and more of her thoughts and opinions. You have tried to forget about her, but it only made you want her more; you try to maintain a distance from her, but it only makes you want to get closer to her. She has let you in to her beautiful mess but she does not expect you to clean up. You move to the beat of her drum, but you cannot always catch up.

She is the thought that keeps you awake at night and she is the one that you are always trying to put into categories. But you have learned that she is unique and she will always be different from the pack. She makes you second guess yourself and that scares you. You are out of control when you talk with her and that intrigues you. She the only girl that you will always be searching for but, will only find shards of her in others.

She is the woman that broke you and now you are trying to rebuild yourself to that of a time before she burned you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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