Having Kids Doesn’t Give Your Life Meaning, It’s Just Selfish


What it all comes down to is giving birth is the most selfish act in the whole world. Whether you planned it or didn’t plan on having/wanting a child, that decision (or lack thereof), is a selfish one.

In my opinion, everyone wanting sex should always take a pill, use a condom, or be gay. And a side note, the last choice is deemed best because there’s no way in hell unwanted pregnancies happen. In fact, gay couples even help in alleviating the earth’s overpopulation problem. And still, just a reminder for all the gay couples out there who want a baby…ADOPT DON’T SHOP. IF THE BUYING STOPS, THE UNWANTED PREGNANCIES…still go on…but, you know, it is still better to adopt.

But this is not a sexuality dissertation, I am here to make you realize that having a child isn’t all what it’s cracked-up to be — especially for the child that you have utterly and completely neglected to give full support to. And I am not saying to totally stop populating; I just want to make clear that when you do decide to have a child, that you completely are prepared for the veracity of that decision, and that you are prepared to live your life for your child forever and ever. It is only when you are dead that you stop becoming a parent.

And since your child didn’t “want” to be born, your child has no obligation and guarantee to make you happy, you take that person for what he/she is no matter what. You cannot throw an argument that your child should be grateful and should take care of you in return for giving him the “wonderful gift” called life. Act like a parent and not somebody who is still “single”, or act like your money is still for yours alone. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, having a child is not a means to an end: No, your marriage cannot be fixed with a baby. No, you cannot tie him/her down because you tricked that person into having a child. No, you cannot “wash your hands” because it wasn’t your fault you had a baby. No, a baby isn’t a “happiness maker”. And NO, HAVING A CHILD SHOULD NOT BE BECAUSE YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO HAVE MEANING.

It should be because you are confident enough and SANE enough to raise a child, and actually want to work on creating a person who is a helpful addition to society. If you gave birth to the devil (even if you had absolutely nothing to do with screwing him/her up), well, tough luck…you HAVE TO put up with him/her and still love your child unconditionally; and if your child is born a saint, then lucky you…that’s the biggest jackpot in life.

Everyone needs to “grow up”, but if you’re a parent, do not expect your child to just magically become a mature “adult” after you have smothered, spoilt, and lazily took care of him/her (I blame video games and other digital “nannies” or “distractions”) since childhood. I mean, during an athletic competition, your coach doesn’t just push you in the water and expect you to swim — let alone do a freestyle, or hands you for the first time a racquet and make you serve an ace. It is the same with parents or the whole of society for that matter, it’s like they think after you hit eighteen you magically know who you are and who want to be, and how to take the steps to get to the road of that subjective, and yet objectified word, “success”. But if you’re twenty-six and still living off of them, they criticize you as a good-for-nothing failure. The fact is, even just for that 50% of life training should come from parents. And like actual athletes, training is painful and hard, but if you get exposed to it from an early age you get used to it and cannot be harassed in the real competition.

Therefore, future parents/coaches, whether you know it, want it, or not, you must devote your whole life in choosing carefully, training brutally, and supporting truthfully your “athletes”. Because if you are in God’s name not aware…surviving out in the “real” world is a bitch—a bitch that bites so hard on one’s ass. And it hurts so bad, that majority of the people isn’t grateful to have been given the “wonderful gift” called life, in fact, they wished heaven (or wherever you think souls come from) had a pro-choice policy with regards to being born. And if any optimistically delusional person tells you that all those little happy moments is worth a whole lot of suffering in life, show that person all the pointless wars for power and money, and show that person that even though nothing really matters, power and money is the only two currencies that is accepted in this world. And if you don’t have even just the one, then your ass is left mooning to be bitten, while your lips are puckered in front of an ass to just be kissin’.


And if you don’t want to have a child, no one can contest that being alone and not being happy is a myth. You get to travel a lot, have all the personal freedom and financial freedom. So don’t be scared of being alone, that’s what private old vacation homes are for. As for love… meh, it’s overrated. TC mark

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