Taking A Step Back Doesn’t Mean Giving Up

This life can get stressful sometimes. Deadlines can make you question if you’re good enough for the goals that you have set. Suddenly, 24 hours is not enough.

Places become crowded. Time goes by so fast. You start to get tired, gasping for air.

You look at the mirror and you don’t see yourself anymore. Because you don’t see that genuine smile you always had. You don’t see those eyes burning with passion. You see a blank canvas that doesn’t want to be painted in colors, just in black and white.

You know you have a handful of things to do, but you can only do so much. You never finish anything. You’re on the verge of breaking down into tears. Do not wait. Step back.

Stop thinking about those tasks you need to accomplish. Breathe in and out.

Stop looking at your monitor or that big pile of papers and just lie down. Look at the blank ceiling.

Stop planning and setting deadlines for yourself and just listen to your favorite playlist.

Stop worrying about things you can’t finish on time and just watch episodes of your favorite series.

Stop using up your rest days for work and maybe go up for a hike on the weekend.

Enjoy the view. Breathe it all in.

Stepping back doesn’t mean giving up. It just means you care enough for yourself and your mental health.

Stepping back doesn’t mean giving up. It just proves how human you are.

Stepping back doesn’t mean giving up. It’s moving forward.

It’s doing better when you get back. It’s finally having the break that you needed for a month now. It’s finally regaining your energy. It’s finally reminding yourself of what your purpose is.

So, don’t be frustrated if someone doesn’t reply to your messages. It doesn’t mean they don’t have time for you. Sometimes, it just means that they want to be with themselves.

Take a break. We all need to be reminded of how beautiful life truly is.

And I hope that the next time you look at the mirror, you’ll finally see yourself.

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