To The Friend I Once Had

I long to see your smile.

I long to hear your laugh.

I long to know one more story, learn one more thing about you.

Do you think we can have one last deep conversation?

I still remember that time we talked about how we want to move the world in our own little ways.

I remember how we talked about what we’re passionate about for hours.

I remember how you would tell me to call you whenever I need you, and for you to do the same.

I remember how you would lighten up my universe when my world seems like crumbling down.

I remember how you would not tell me to stop crying. You would simply be there and wipe all the tears away.

I remember all those things and more. Do you?

Do you still remember the promises you didn’t keep?

Do you still remember the precious little moments we had?

Am I even worth remembering?

If I send you a message one more time, would you promise to read it this time? Would you actually care to know how I am?

Because that’s all I wonder about you.

No matter how many times you push me away, it seems like your force is not strong enough. It’s still giving me a reason to stay. It keeps telling me to never give up on what we have.

How I hope you feel the same way.

How I hope you still care.

How I hope you’re still here by my side.

But I guess, time didn’t just heal all the wounds we have given each other, it left a scar. It never let us forget the pain. It made us not want to experience it again.

I just wish we could remember how we were before the first drop of blood. More than that, I wish we could just unsee the scar.

And maybe, just maybe, we don’t need to stay apart.

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