We Could’ve Been This Happy


Riding on your blue car, admiring the scenery we will never forget, laughing at the corniest jokes we could think of, talking and realizing once again how weird we both are.

Staring at each other’s eyes, smiling endlessly, and never getting tired of hearing stories that we continuously repeat.

Finally choosing a place to eat at, embarrassing ourselves mispronouncing the items in the menu, trying to think of a waiting game but never end up playing it, and of course, you forcing me to drink alcohol.

Going home full of good memories, trying hard not to end the conversation, hating to say goodbye, and finally ending the day knowing we’ll see each other again.

We could’ve been this happy.

Yes. I should’ve said yes.

But looking back, it would’ve been the most selfish thing I could possibly do, especially upon knowing how things turned out for the both of us.

I saw your eyes smiling in that blurry picture. You looked at her like you waited for someone like her for such a very long time.

I know this might not make sense, but I am so glad I chose to say no instead. Yes, we could’ve been that happy, but it would’ve ended too soon.

I remember when you told me that I should’ve tried instead, but love my dear is not something you try. It should be something you’re sure of, and I was never certain how we will work out.

I am not saddened with how happy you are right now, how could I be? You gave me the space I deserved, and I needed that to find and appreciate myself. For that, I am eternally grateful.

So yes, we could’ve been happy together, but I am beyond proud that we both learned how to be happier apart.

22 and getting there

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