To The Guy Who Taught Me How To Love Unconditionally

sept commercial / Unsplash

YOU. You can enter any room and fill it up with positive energy. I remember how I would always feel that positivity and already know that you were near, without needing to look if you were there behind me.

YOU. You will talk to me about everything that interests you, everything that excites you, and everything that you ever imagined to do. It amazes me how I would remember every single word.

YOU. You are not afraid to show your love for others. You would always try to show people that you care. You would always be there for the people you love even if you barely have enough time.

YOU. You are always full of confidence. You are always full of hope. I would love you to smile, to laugh, and to live fully at the moment. Most of all, I would love you to be happy every single time, even if I’m not the reason you are.

YOU. You are the only one who taught me how to love unconditionally.

I. I hoped and prayed that I was the one who’s making you happy. I wanted you to love all the time you spent with me. I wanted you to laugh whenever I laugh, and to smile whenever I smile.

I. I realized that it is never going to happen. I will forever be your friend and nothing more. And surprisingly, I, I was fine with that.

I. I would always appreciate how you’re always there for me. I’d like to thank every bit of guidance you have given me. I am completely sure that I would not be the person I am now if it wasn’t for you.

But I, I am choosing to let go.

I choose to not be stuck with the idea that maybe someday, you’ll feel the same way too. I think it is selfish for me to ever ask for anything in return. I think, your love for me as a friend is more than enough, and I need to believe that someday, I would be able to love you that way too.

Yes, I, I could love you this way for the rest of my life, but I, I choose to love myself even more than I love you. TC mark

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