When It Seems Like Everything Is About To Break, Live In The Present Moment

living in the moment
Etienne Boulanger

Several times, we think about our past. How we made certain mistakes and regret making them, not recognizing the things we learned through our experiences. We look so deep in the past that at times, we just want to go back. “What could I have done to make things better now?” Because it is true that we often want to forget negative events that happened in the past, but we never even think of forgiving ourselves.

Most of the time, we think about our future. Our goals, our ambitions and most likely, our wonderful plans that deeply compensate for the mistakes we made in the past. We strive to become a better person because right now, we know that we are still not good enough. And sometimes, we hate ourselves when we fail.

We have tremendous time for people needing our help. We have tremendous time for our family, our friends and for all those who need our care, our love. We have tremendous time to do our work and to impress people with it. We have tremendous time to look in the past. We have tremendous time to set and monitor our goals for our future. But we never had time to look into the mirror and appreciate ourselves and the beautiful persons we had become. We are so accustomed to becoming who we want to be that we often forget who we really are.

You see, we shouldn’t strive to become better just because we know that we are not enough. We all are good enough. We all are beautiful enough. We all are worthy enough. We shouldn’t strive to become a better person just to compensate for our mistakes in the past. We should strive to become a better person because we believe in the abilities that we have right now and how these can lead us to accomplishing so much more.

So when you think that everything in your life is about to break, do not live in the past and do not live in the scariest possibilities of the future, live in the present moment.

See how far you have come. Because life is so precious to just simply think about the past, about the future and act the way these thoughts are telling you to. Life is amazingly beautiful and we need to learn how to appreciate its beauty by living in the present moment. Because by then, we’ll realize that things can’t be undone, and when you do certain things for the future, be sure you’re not just undoing things in the past. Because living, my dear, is more than just being sorry. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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