10 Micro-Signs You’ve Evolved Into The Person You’re Actually Meant To Be


1. You can see the beauty in everything.

You appreciate every little thing no matter how worthless they may be in the eyes of others. You are grateful for the wind, the sunlight, the clouds, the veins on the leaves, animals, even the mornings. You love waking up in the morning knowing that it isn’t a gift that was given to everyone. You love standing up from your bed because you are thrilled at the possibility of learning countless things that day.

2. You are grateful for the experiences you once regretted having.

Even the worst experiences seem a lot better now that you discovered why it happened. You’re starting to believe that things really do happen for a reason. You’re starting to realize that life is full of ups and downs. You won’t know when will your darkest days be. You won’t know when you’ll be so high in the air you’ll feel like in cloud nine. But ultimately, everything will end and looking back, you’ll be happy that you were brave enough to ride in the beautiful experience called life.

3. You realized that forgiving yourself is the best reward you can give yourself.

During your earliest years, you were taught by your parents to forgive others. But, they never told you that you should also learn how to forgive yourself. You would understand the mistakes of other people, but you couldn’t seem to understand your own. Nevertheless, you know that at the end of it all, to live fully, you need to accept that these things happen and in some way or another, you can forgive yourself for your own wrongdoings.

4. You’re beginning to learn how to love your enemies.

No matter how hard it is, you force your mind to try and understand why they did the things they did. This is because you accept that you’ve also made your own mistakes. You now recognize that everyone does and you start to see your enemies as human beings. Ultimately, you’ve discovered that there is something good in everyone and that no one is pure evil.

5. You started to give more to other people.

You are grateful for all the genuine love you receive. When you meet someone who never got this kind of love, you selflessly help them. You show them the exact love that they deserve. You know you’ll never run out of love when you give it to others. Because you know that simply giving love and helping others will make you feel everything good in this world, regardless if you don’t get anything in return.

6. You’re starting to have a glimpse of your purpose in life.

With everything you do, you know that it has a purpose. More importantly, you are starting to know what your real purpose is. You may not know everything about it, but you’re starting to see yourself doing something you think will lead you to the big reveal of your life’s purpose.

7. You accept that death can come at any time.

You do what you want to do every day because you treat every day as if it’s your last day in this world. You ask yourself: “How do I want the world to remember me?” And so, you do everything so that when the time comes, there aren’t countless things you never did remaining.

8. You respect the time of other people.

You’ve learned one of the most important things in your life is time. It is your most cared for possession. And if you know how precious time is, you’ll realize this is the same for other people. You respect their time because not only are you starting to appreciate your own life, you’re also starting to appreciate each and every life here on Earth.

9. You have built a strong self-concept.

You know yourself a hundred percent. You know how beautiful you are and you know what you’re capable of. You hold tightly to how you perceive yourself. So if someone is feeding you negativity, you know that they’re just trying to put a smart person down. But they will never succeed because since you completely know who you are, you don’t listen to those kinds of people.

10. You appreciate who you are.

Not only do you know yourself, but you also appreciate every inch of your existence. You see beauty in your shape, your personality, your views, and your decisions. You don’t let the society dictate who you should be in the future because you are beyond thankful for your uniqueness.

The fact is, when you learn how to appreciate yourself, your purpose, and your life, this will lead you to appreciate how beautiful life truly is. You know what life can offer and what you can offer to the world. So, don’t just exist, choose to live! Because living is as beautiful as you are now and who you could be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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