This Is Why People Who Battle Depression Are Actually The Bravest

Kostas Katsouris

Every time the sun breaks through the sky, their eyes pretend to not see the light. Actively deciding on whether to get up from their bed and face the day, or remain lying down and think more badly of themselves. They would be like this for two weeks or so, and some people will never understand how difficult it is for them to begin their day.

Some of them wouldn’t eat breakfast at all and some of them will eat a lot. After doing so, they become afraid of actually facing the rough day ahead of them. They need to go to school or work even if they don’t want to. But because some people force them to do so, it makes them think more of how life is so unsatisfying to live.

They would ask themselves if they still need to take a bath or just put on their clothes and go to wherever their thoughts are telling them to go. As the day slowly approaches the night, they would look back and see how unproductive they were compared to other people. They will then go to their bed and try to sleep with these intrusive thoughts. Some of them wouldn’t sleep at all, while some of them will sleep a lot.

People with Depression would think that they’re weak, but it is certain that they’re the bravest.
They would undergo these rough days for a period and when the distress is somehow gone, it will slowly start to begin again. They would think that they’re worthless, but they are truly worthy in the eyes of God no matter what other people say. They would not see any hope in their future, but I believe that they are capable of accomplishing greater things in life.

In spite of the unfortunate situation they’re in, countless people will still be too insensitive and judge them. As if People with Depression should be blamed, as if it was their decision to feel that way, to think that way. As if they want to battle with endless negative thoughts every single day, when all they want to do is to kill these thoughts that urge some of them to kill themselves.

It was never their decision to be in that kind of situation, therefore we should never blame them for the obstacles that they’re trying to overcome. For their depressive mood, for not wanting to do anything even those activities that bring them so much pleasure before, for not wanting to eat or for wanting to eat too much, for sleeping too little or for sleeping too much, for having too much difficulty to move or for moving too much, for not having enough energy to do things, for somehow not being able to think, concentrate or decide on some things, for feeling worthless or feeling guilty about almost everything, for thinking of death and for wanting to end everything else already.

It is never easy for them, and people who judge them are making it harder. Do not call them crazy or lazy or stupid because they’re not, they’re more than that. Just because they’re facing a battle that you’re not having a problem with, it doesn’t make them less of a person. Do not put them down, uplift them. Remind them of how worthy they truly are. Remind them that life is indeed beautiful.

They need your empathy, not your destructive criticisms.

Some of them are even afraid of seeking help because of the possibility of being judged. So if they open up to you, do not ever belittle their problems. Do not ever underestimate their capability to actually overcome this obstacle. Understand them. Help them. Care for them. Give them all the love that they deserve.

If you would encounter people like them, you would discover how amazing they could still be. You would disregard all those negative preconceptions that you once had. They are capable, wonderful, beautiful and worthy of the life that was given to them. Don’t ever let them think that they’re not. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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