If He Doesn’t Love You The Way You Deserve, You Deserve To Leave

Allef Vinicius

If he loved you yesterday and can’t seem to show any of his love for you today, don’t give him any of your time. Be with a man who will love you every single day for the rest of his life. Be with a man who will love you unconditionally, regardless if you were feeling pretty or ugly that day, regardless if you were energetic or down that day. You deserve a man who will be with you for who you really are.

If he told you before that you’re special to him, and can’t seem to tell you this now because you gained some weight or acquired some marks on your face, he doesn’t deserve to be with someone like you. He should love you perfectly for all your imperfections. He should be able to make you feel that you weren’t any fatter. He should always make you feel that you are beautiful. Because every girl deserves to feel that way.

If he continues to be like this, don’t for a second hesitate to leave him because if his love isn’t unconditional, in the future, he might just do the same to you.

You need to walk away not for him, but for yourself. You need to be reminded of how great you could be. Because somehow, in the process of being with him, he let you think that you’re nothing like that. But you are, he just doesn’t see you that way.

Remind yourself of your goals in life, and if he’s making you believe that you cannot achieve any of them, you shouldn’t let him stay in your life. Remind yourself of how beautiful life can be, and if you think he’s making life less amazing, don’t you think he should stop being in yours? Remind yourself of why you really loved him and look at him now, is he still the same person?

Try being honest with yourself, the truth is what you deserve, no matter how ugly it could be.

And I promise that you’ll be yourself more than ever. Let go of people who don’t appreciate you for who you really are. Let go of them not because you don’t love them anymore, but because this time, you finally decided to love yourself more than anyone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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