The Things We Hope For The Ones We Love

William Stitt
William Stitt

I hope that the colors of this life never stop amazing you, that your eyes never cease to widen, that your soul never dares stop stirring. I hope that every single morning you wake up knowing that you are set apart. I hope that each day you encounter joy and fulfillment, even in the little moments.

I hope that the places where you travel remind you that home is a feeling, and not a destination.
I hope that every time you see the sunset you remember how majestic our God is. I hope that when your heart aches you give in to the hurt, and then realize that pain doesn’t last forever. I hope that when you look back at those people and instances that hurt you, you remember that growth cannot occur without them. I hope that when you reflect on your worst days, you find peace in how realizing that life is a continual shaping and molding of the heart. I hope that the people you love continue to enliven you. I hope that you tell them that often, the second you feel it, without holding back. I hope you never let your heart lose its capacity to love, no matter how hard it gets. I hope you continue to freely share kindness, knowing that the world can never have too much of it. I hope you can forgive, even without ever receiving an apology.

I hope you stay present with your moments
, the kinds that occur when you don’t expect it, that you connect with them and let yourself absorb every last drop of gratitude as you realize just how blessed you truly are. I hope you fall so irrevocably in love with God that the world can see Him in your eyes. I hope you never stop believing that you have purpose, and you are wonderfully made. I hope you value yourself more, give yourself grace, and accept that you deserve the beautiful things in this life. I hope you persist in the struggles, knowing that life is a cycle of deciding how badly you want it. I hope your scars never fade and they live to tell the story of your strength and bravery.

I hope that even when your heart breaks, you still don’t forget the magical feeling of falling in love. I hope you are fearless in the pursuit of who you adore, and that you are romanced like a wildfire and loved like a slow burn. I hope that you never lose hope, that on some nights, you don’t wish on shooting stars but instead wish on the ones that have the courage to shine from exactly where they are.

I hope you understand that regrets are inevitable
, that you forgive yourself for them and don’t dare let them prevent you from growing. I hope that each day challenges you to be a better version of yourself, humbles you, and inspires you to move. I hope you believe in yourself and recognize that you are so very capable. I hope you understand that vulnerability does not equate to weakness; it is in fact the very opposite. But more than anything, I hope that every night before you fall asleep, your last feeling is gratification, and your last thought is that today was a day that you truly lived well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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