You’re Allowed To Enjoy Pride Even If You’re Not Ready To Come Out

Across the globe, pride flags are flying, folks are celebrating how far we’ve come, and newscasters show off their rainbow ribbons. It’s a great time to be alive, and to live openly and without shame. Hell, there are people in this world who will tell you that living as anything else than your full authentic self is a betrayal to the community.

Those people are assholes.

I know, I know. Marriage equality is making headway. Not everyone is getting beat up for kissing a member of their own sex in public. Sure, a few countries are lagging behind, but can’t we just enjoy the progress we’ve made? Can’t we celebrate ourselves for one puny month?

The answers to those questions are: Of course! Always! But check your privilege at the rainbow float.

Because the truth of the matter is, there are many (many, many, many, many) members of our community that feel like they can’t enjoy pride. And those of us who can walk the streets, openly and without shame, are not pulling our weight enough to support them, and to make them feel welcome.

So, in the spirit of June, here’s an open letter to the world:

To the LGBTQ people living in countries where you are prosecuted and hurt, I see you and I hope you can enjoy Pride in your own way.

To the LGBTQ people whose families will not make you feel safe enough to come out, I see you and I hope you can enjoy Pride with your friends.

To my fellow Aces, let us fly our purple flags alongside everyone else, and goodspeed!

To the bisexuals who are currently in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, your sexuality is valid and belongs at Pride.

To the transgender person who is not “showing” yet, I hope you can enjoy Pride with your partner, because you both fucking belong there too!

To the disabled person who is afraid to come out for fear of losing their benefits, I see you and yes, you do deserve to fucking enjoy Pride.

To you and all of your own, I wish you a happy Pride month, and I hope we can all make the world one that is worth living in sooner rather than later.

“Oh no, what have I done” is the story of my life.