What You Should Know About The Woman Who’s Always Smiling

woman leaning on gray concrete wall
Jasmine B / Unsplash

Here’s to the woman who is always smiling.

The woman who smiles through the tears, through the pain, through the unhappiness. The woman who, if you know her, you know she is suffering, yet she does not show it. None of us are immune to pain, to heartache, to misfortune. But the woman who smiles through it is a warrior. Although maybe reserved at first, she is open. She is vulnerable, loving, and strong.

She has overcome more obstacles than you will ever know. She has faced and perhaps is still facing the darkness. She is confident that through the darkness comes the light, and she will smile through all of it.

She has had her heart shattered but will always love again. She believes that each relationship or situation is unique, and she would never close herself off to love just because of the risk of pain. There are never guarantees in love, only the effort two people put in. 

She has been betrayed by those closest to her. Fully confiding and allowing them into her life, only to be exploited and chastised for her actions. She has gained the ability to walk away on multiple occasions, say goodbye, and close the door on those people forever. Although it hurt and broke a part of her heart, she finally healed.

She has faced loss many times. Loss of loved ones, comfort, health. And yet, she faced those struggles and determines how her life can move forward from that loss. She may not be capable of having what others have due to her circumstances, but she will never lament about those things. She will always be thankful for what she has.

She is constantly in pain, constantly hurting. She chooses to not complain, not to burden, not to overshare. She does this because she knows that we are all struggling, that how we overcome is what makes us who we are. Most of us silently struggle with pain or illness, and she doesn’t want to project her own personal health problems on others. She smiles because she knows things could always be worse, and she is grateful for the ability to feel, to move through, and to be there for others.

She cries in private, shares in therapy, and never holds judgment on people. She believes that the way to achieve positive growth in her life is to forgive but never forget. Forgive the people who have wronged her, the people who have broken trust, broken her heart, attempted to break her. But she will never forget those people or situations because it was those situations that taught her how to move forward. They taught her how to set the standard in how she allowed people to treat her.

She has immeasurable strength. She is proud of the way she has persevered through the bad times with grace, and how she has celebrated the good. She knows that life can throw anything our way at any moment, and she is always prepared for the unexpected. Yes, there is pain behind her eyes, but she doesn’t want you to know that. She chooses to smile because it is the purest and simplest gift you can give to another. It has the power to brighten the day of a complete stranger. She chooses to smile through the tears, smile through the pain, smile through the heartache because she knows something good is coming. That she triumphed through this day, and she will triumph through the next. TC mark

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