Please See Yourself Through My Eyes

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I wish you saw yourself through my eyes. Through the eyes of everyone who knows you. I wish you knew the impact you made on people’s lives, the imprint you left on their hearts. You are beautiful, always shining, and your smile and mere presence light up every room you walk into.

You see, you really are an extraordinary person. I can say that because my life has been touched and enriched in so many ways just by knowing you. I wish that you saw what we all see. I wish there was some way to show you or explain it to you. So I’ll try with the explaining.

I know you wish things were different in your life. I know you don’t feel beautiful because you feel too heavy, you feel that carrying extra weight prevents you from being loved by others. The only thing extra weight is preventing is your own smile. It’s in your head, preventing you from embracing each moment of your life, from enjoying every situation that presents itself to you. Thankfully, you’ve fixated on something that you can change, but unfortunately, it takes time. And in that time, you lose memories, you lose freedom to be happy, because you’re occupying your thoughts with something that only matters to you.

You’re in love with someone who wants so badly to be intimate with you, and yet you struggle with allowing yourself to open up because you feel insecure. I wish you would realize that this is your insecurity, and although it is valid, no one else is judging or thinking less of you because you feel that you have some weight to lose.

I see how you sometimes hold back your personality, hold back your words or actions because this insecurity is peeking through. I’ve learned to recognize this because I know you so well because I’m always around you. But the truth is, no one is looking at these things. People accept you for who you are, some weight to lose or not.

I want to tell you this because you can’t even imagine how much I love you: the weight doesn’t matter. If you want to lose, then do it for you, but please don’t do it for the hopes that people will love you more for it. People accept and love you just as you are. They love you for you, not the size of clothing you wear. In life, the people who truly love us will always see beyond the surface. They are the people who see straight through into our hearts, the people whose souls connect with ours. The connections that are on such a deep level, that looks and surface have absolutely nothing to do with it.

I know weight is a very real insecurity for you. I know you think it makes you less than. I know you want to change it, and I know you’re worried because it takes time. But as the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy or quickly, the same goes for this situation. It will take time and effort and will be challenging to get to a place where you feel comfortable enough and love yourself enough to finally understand that the weight doesn’t matter. That your weight doesn’t define you.

In a society where appearance is focused on so heavily, I hope that you can begin to look beyond the surface of even yourself. I hope that you can realize and understand what you bring to the lives of everyone you meet. I hope you can see that you are so much more than a number on the scale or the tag of your clothing. You are radiant, and so very beautiful in every way, from your appearance straight through to your soul. And I pray that one day very soon, you finally believe this to be true and see it for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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