Just So You Know, God Is Always With You

This is for those who are struggling, who are in the depths of their despair, who are feeling like they are worthless and questioning everything they know… you are not alone. You are not alone in your struggle, you are not alone in your sadness, you are not alone in your frustration, confusion, and anger about the things that seem so wrong in your life.

You are not alone because God is always with you.

I know it’s hard to comprehend at first. I know it’s hard to understand why God, who loves us, who saved us, who is always with us, would let us suffer in the way we do. But it’s in these trying moments, the moments that our suffering and strife seem unbearable, the moments that we feel like we’ve our rock bottom, the moments where nothing seems to make any sense that we have to know and understand that God is ever present in our lives. This is the basis of faith.

Faith is believing what you cannot see. It is trusting that things happen in God’s timing, and even though it may seem cliché, everything really does happen for a reason. It is having confidence that God knows what’s best for you even when you think He doesn’t. That He’s with you, even when you feel alone. It is that inner voice deep within you that says no matter what the situation is, when you’re carrying the heaviest of burdens, when you feel like you can’t go on any longer, you know that God is always with you.

And no matter how good we think our lives are going, in a second, everything can change. Life happens. Life isn’t perfect. We succeed and we fail, we love and we get heartbroken, we win and we lose, sometimes on monumental levels. Here’s some truth: we are all fighting our own battles, we are all carrying our own crosses. Some choose to share and some choose to keep them private, but the fact remains that we all battle, we all struggle, we all question.

We will never understand why bad things happen, or why we suffer. We will never understand God’s timing in our lives. But when we know and trust that He loves us and is always with us, we are able to stop fixating on the why, and just realize that they are a part of our journey in life. They are a part of building us into the person we become. 

To the person battling depression and questioning their life, remember that there is a light through the darkness. The battles happen for a reason. They don’t always make sense, but remember that they do not define you. How you react and choose to move forward through them defines you. God is with you through the battles, He is with you through your struggle, present in the darkness, and there to bring you to the light.

To the person who got their heart broken after they were sideswiped emotionally, who never saw the heartbreak coming, I promise you that you will love again. Remember that not everyone is a good fit, not everyone is required to love us, and that there are never any guarantees in love. The truest love you will ever have is the love you have for yourself and the love God has for you.

To the person sitting in a doctor’s office after being diagnosed with an incurable disease, or finding out that their disease is back again, God is there through your trials and tribulations. He is there through the pain and sorrow. He is there when you don’t understand why you were faced with this challenge. And He will be there throughout your journey to overcome and find healing.

I hope you take comfort in knowing that when you’re in the depths of despair, and whatever battles you’re facing, keep your faith and trust that God is with you, because He is. Right by your side. Supporting you, loving you, carrying you. All you have to do is ask for His help. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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