When It Comes To Love, Triangles Will Just Never Fit

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I don’t have anything against shapes, except when it comes to matters of the heart. So when it’s regarding love, triangles are my least favorite shape.

Relationships should be a cohesive unit. A circle. When you start to stretch that out on one side, you lose the curve, you add the points, you create a triangle, and you lose fluidity.

I’ve never been a girl who casually dates multiple people at once, and at this point in my life, that’s the last thing I’d want to do. If I go on a date Friday, I certainly won’t be with another man Saturday. I view relationships as building a friendship, seeing the potential for passion, establishing that romantic connection, and building trust on all of that. It’s too much to try to do that with more than one person at a time. If you’re with someone else, even if you say you’re just “seeing them,” please don’t pursue me.

I’ll use a personal example: I once met a man at the gym who seemed great. The interest was there, the conversation smooth and comfortable. We chatted for months and I figured he was about to ask me out when I asked about his holiday plans. His response? “I’ll be home. The wife, the kid…” The WhatTheFuck? Please don’t play me and lead me on if you’re married. I don’t deserve it.

Same goes if you’re dating someone else. Don’t try to come into my life with the goal of building a relationship. The truth is, if you’re dating someone, there really isn’t much need to make a new female friend, because what’s the purpose? Most likely, you have some interest there and you would want more than just friendship. But it’s not fair that you try to have me open up and see you as something more, when maybe you’re just testing the waters to see if the grass is greener, and it’s definitely not fair to her that you’re staying while hoping something better comes along. That shitty behavior adds a point to a relationship circle, and triangles are my least favorite shape.

If you’re sleeping with someone else, I don’t want to sleep with you. I couldn’t handle knowing that you could jump from her bed into mine so easily. I know how to share and play nice, but what I will be selfish about and never share, is my man. I don’t want someone else in the equation. One plus one equals 2…not three or more.

Whatever you choose to do in your love life is your own business, but don’t try to include me in the drama. If you’re used to playing the field, dating multiple people at once, and having them all on board with that knowledge? Then do as you wish, it’s your life. Just don’t try to convince me to be another one of the sister wives, because that’s not my style. If however, you don’t have everyone on board with your intentions? Well sir, that’s just not cool.

I want a partner who doesn’t cause me to worry that he’s always looking for someone he thinks is hotter or something he thinks is better, in general, to come along. I won’t play ball with that. I don’t want to be stuck in a gray area because a man can’t make his mind up about me. Honestly, I just want our simple cohesiveness, our beautiful curve, our uncomplicated circle. Because when it comes to relationships and love, there is never room for fucking triangles. TC mark


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