7 Things I’m Promising To Myself For 2018

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1. Valuing myself enough to not settle for less than what I deserve.

I’ll hold not only myself to high standards but also the people in my life to those same standards. Because if I won’t accept mediocrity from myself, I definitely won’t be accepting it from anyone else.

2. #NoRagrets.

I won’t look back on past mistakes and pain with remorse, or allow the memories to resurface and bother me because lessons were learned. I won’t regret what happened in the past because it helped shape my future. Also because shit happens. That’s life.

3. Just Saying No.

If I don’t want to do something, I’m not going to over-complicate it, I’m just going to say no. Simple as that. And a big N.O. to the fuckboy who constantly calls or the fair-weather friend who only comes around when they need something and always rains on your parade. I’m saying no to the toxicity and all the bullshit.

4. On a similar note for lame people, standing up for myself and calling them out on their shit.

Not just ignoring their behavior, actually pointing it out to them. FYI, they probably won’t get it or they won’t care, but whatever. At least I’ll feel better that I said something.

5. Remaining open to the possibilities of love.

I’ll never completely close off my heart based on past heartbreak, but I will guard it and trust my instincts. Heartbreak sucks, but love is worth the risk, so I’ll be vulnerable with an open heart, but always have my eyes open.

6. Giving all control to God.

Because in the big picture of life, I can’t control how things turn out, so there isn’t a point in stressing. I’ll continue to walk with faith, trusting God will lead me where I need to go. And when things get emotionally unbearable, I know that He will lift the burden and bring me peace.

7. Self-love, self-love.

This is everything. From trusting my intuition to dating myself to accepting my body and not stressing over how much I’m working out, or what I eat. I’ll accept that each moment, good or bad, happens for a reason, and always remain grateful for all of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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