This Is The Kind Of Person You Need To Eliminate From Your Life Before This Year Ends

Leon Seierlein

We’ve all met that person who is more in love with themselves than we ever thought was possible. The person who lacks genuine empathy because they’re so engulfed in their own lives. The person with the over exaggerated sense of self-importance and sense of entitlement. The person with severe narcissistic personality disorder.

This person is impossible to date, but even impossible to have as a friend because they just don’t understand. They don’t understand that relationships are two people who connect with each other and contribute to one another’s lives. A narcissist wants you to contribute solely to their life. How many times have you wanted to tell this person, “it isn’t all about you”.

Eliminate this person. The person who never really listens to what you say or makes the solid effort to get to know you. The person who turns your struggles back on themselves because they’re incapable of thinking of you. The person who acts semi-interested when they bring up something that you do only to try to leech information for their own benefit.

Eliminate this person. The person who if you ever decide to call them out on their shit, they’ll say you’re dramatic, and then they’ll recant, apologize, and play victim to their own behavior. The person who creeps on your social media pages, liking things from weeks ago because they think you care that they’re looking. Or they’ll constantly send you unsolicited selfies -of their face or other body parts- because they need the validation that they are as good looking as they believe they are.

Eliminate this person. The person who always knows better than you and is a constant one-upper. “You’re trying that diet? I did it and it doesn’t work”. “You’re going there on vacation? I went and it sucks”. A true friend is there to support and celebrate you, not try to outdo you. And yet no matter what you do, this person believes they can always do it better. Which is typically why they struggle so much in the workplace. For example, “It’s so hard to find a good job because I’m so much smarter than all these bosses”.  Oh really? Why aren’t you the boss then?

Eliminate this person. The person who openly brags how good looking they are, and how much they’ve accomplished, except they don’t have a pot to piss in. They have nothing to offer, from emotional to mental to monetary. They lack depth and are just a pretty face, a one-person show, best suited in the company of themselves.

This person cannot enrich your life. They aren’t capable of having a normal relationship because they can’t think of anyone but themselves. You should eliminate this person but instead you give them the benefit of the doubt just one more time, when after months have passed, you reluctantly agree to meet for coffee. Maybe you feel like this person deserves another shot at showing you they can be a good friend. But then you spend over an hour listening to their self praise and boasting about their upcoming imaginary success…like you care.

It’s bad enough that your brain says “get up and leave” but for some reason, you’re frozen, looking around that coffee shop hoping someone will come help. It’s even worse that you feel you should sit at another table because it’s like they’re on a date with themselves. But the worst part is at the end of all that, the asshole doesn’t even pay for your coffee. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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