I Know It Hurts Right Now, But I Promise, You Will Find Love Again

sad girl
Caique Silva

Here’s to the women who’ve been devastated by heartbreak, the women who’ve shed more tears than they even thought was possible. The women who have fear of never recovering from the emotional pain that’s kept them suffering for way too long already. The women that are scared they don’t know how to move forward. Trust me, I’m right there with you. I know what it’s like to lose yourself in heartbreak. I know what it’s like to be constantly torn between doubt and hope.

I know nothing I say can take away your pain, nothing I say can make this okay, but I promise you this: even if you can’t see it or can’t comprehend at this moment, your heart will heal, and you will find love again.

One day when you’re not looking for it, you will meet the person that changes everything.

The person who will show you it’s okay to open your heart with them because they’ll handle it with care. The person who will prove to you that you’re safe with them. The person that will always stand by their word and follow through. The person that with one look, you will know just how much they love you.

This person will celebrate with you in your good moments, and support you through your bad ones. They will be the one to always kiss you goodnight, and the one to kiss you the following morning. They will be there for you consistently, supporting your passions, embracing your family and friends, and loving your quirks. They will love you through your insecurities and doubt, and all the times you question if it’s the real thing. They will show you through their actions, not just their words, that you are worthy of so much love.

This person who will love you unconditionally exists…you just never know when they’ll show up. Timing is everything in each aspect of our lives, and real love can’t be forced. It’s hard to understand why we suffer through heartbreak or why we have to wait for this great love. The suffering is so something better can come along and we have to wait because love happens in its own time.

It’s human nature to want to be in control, to want answers, to want to plan for what’s coming, but that isn’t the reality of life or love especially.

This is why it’s important that you remember to never close yourself off because you’ve had your heart broken, and not let heartbreak change how you think of love. Instead, focus on loving yourself, by living in the moment and finding true happiness within.

But right now, in your current state of heartbreak, allow yourself to cry, to grieve, to be angry.

Allow yourself to have the doubt and sadness because those feelings are valid and normal and will help you heal. And then decide that enough is enough and move forward… leave the hurt behind, embrace the unknown, and remember that love will always find you if you are open to it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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