It’s Good To Push Yourself Sometimes

Brooklyn Morgan
Brooklyn Morgan

I’m a big believer in self-motivation.

Basically — I hate being told what to do. Whether it comes from my boss, or my own mind, I can’t seem to muster enough motivation to do things that I am forced to do.

It seems counter-intuitive, right? For someone who loves crossing items off my to-do list, why do I drag my feet when there are things I have to do?

Likely, it has to do with that oh-so-millennial resistance to authority.

Well, sure. But, even more likely it has more to do with my belief in the power of self-determination. Because throughout my life thus far, I’ve realized that my best moments come during times of true inspiration.

Therefore, I try not to push myself. And, by not “pushing myself” I don’t mean that let myself I sit around watching Netflix all weekend (except sometimes).

I do mean that I don’t force myself to go to the gym every day. Or write every day. I only do it when I’m in the mood. I listen to my body. I trust myself.

Thankfully, I usually don’t run into a predicament. I usually make shit happen.

I know some of you may be sitting here like — this chick is crazy (who runs every day?). But, I also know there are some intense, type A people out there, too.

So, I’m writing today for all of Us. I’m telling us that sometimes, we have to force ourselves to Do Things.

Over the past 10 days, I’ve felt like doing a whole load of nothing. I’ve been sad. I’ve been mourning (yes, I have — for Our collective freedom). I’ve been craving a “cuddle with a good book, or with my dog.” Like, every day.

I know there are some people who react to shitty situations with action. I thought I was one of them. But, since The Reckoning, I’ve really been listening to my body.

And because of that I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing.

I haven’t been in the mood to write. I haven’t been in the mood to organize. I haven’t been in the mood to talk, even.

But today, I told myself Let’s Go.

I forced myself to Do Something.

And, you know what? It sucked. For the first 30 minutes I procrastinated. But, I added time to my calendar, and I took some action. I sat down and wrote. I called my representatives.

It took a while to get myself moving. But afterwards, it felt so good.

This forcing mechanism does not only apply to our situation Right Now. It happens with anything you’re not really in the mood to do — whether that’s working out, or applying for a new job, or simply leaving your apartment on a Sunday.

It reminds me of the feeling when I’m starting a long run. The first 20 minutes suck. Like, seriously suck. All you’re doing is complaining, and itching to stop. You continue to badger yourself about this bad, bad decision you’ve made.

But then, like magic, you enter the State of Flow. All of a sudden, your nagging mind floats to the background, and you feel like you’re in a cloud. Seriously.

And, this doesn’t just happen to me while running — whether I’m writing, or working on an intense presentation, the State of Flow feels the same.

Most of the time to get there, you have to force yourself to Start.

I know, I know — it’s a tough thing for us free-spirited, anti-authority Young People. Or, anyone really.

But, try it. Talk it up in your head.

Because, we all have to begin somewhere. And sometimes, that Starting is easier than others.

So, channel that energy of yours into something productive. Something that will make you feel a whole load more important than Netflix and a beer.

You never know where that State of Flow will lead you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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