Love The Girl Who Laughs At Life

I grew up laughing. Just constantly laughing about everything. I was raised to believe that not everything has to be taken so seriously and I should laugh in the face of pain.

My mom taught me to swap out the tears with smiles; to find the comic relief in situations that don’t always seem appropriate to find joy in. So I did it. I made light of my life.

And it worked. I made jokes about my absent father and the boys who didn’t like me back. I laughed at the creepiness of the basement my mom and I had to live in to escape an abusive man.

I found the pleasure in some very painful situations. And I won. Life has tried to kick my ass and I laughed in its face a lot of times.

I don’t sit there and laugh at funerals or smile at a friend’s heartbreak. I just try my best to not let these things take me over. Some people are very thrown off by someone who thinks so lightly of life. Some people can’t bring themselves to understand how life is so funny to me all the time. These people don’t understand where it comes from.

And frankly, people can be angered by it.

But life isn’t always funny to me. A lot of the times it has been tragic. I cry, curse, wish I could sleep my troubles away, stress, worry and dwell way too frequently for my own good. I am extremely sensitive to the world around me, sometimes overly so.

If I didn’t laugh at myself and some of the earth shattering situations I’ve found myself in, I couldn’t get through every day.

If I didn’t laugh and crack jokes, I would break down at how dreadfully traumatic life can be. I would be stuck in a constant shadow of depression if I didn’t find the beauty in the breakdown.

The absolutely awe-inspiring facet of finding life so funny is being able to see the sparkle in the explosion. There are not a lot of people who have this ability.

She will be empathetic, sensitive and compassionate but always there to point out some comedy in the drama.

The girl who thinks life is funny is not willing to let the little things get to her. Pettiness has never been something she indulged in. Life is too short and too wonderful to take part in useless trivialities.

Love this girl because she knows how temporary our time on this Earth is and she is willing to make sure that she can scrounge together a single shred of light in the face of our stackable lives. Love this girl because she comprehends that life can be simply awful but even so, there is something to smile about no matter what.

The girl who thinks life is funny is making people laugh in her eulogies to honor loved ones.

She knows that the sun can cause cancer but it shines on the homeless man’s freezing face, that rain can ruin her hair but replenishes a hopeless farmer’s fields, that the death of a family member can collapse a home but remind people to live while they still have the chance.

This is the girl to find and never let go of. This is the girl to make your best friend and partner in crime. The girl who thinks life is funny is one of a kind because through it all, she wins. She always wins.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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