I Hope You Learn What It Means To Be Resilient

A woman wearing jeans and a white shirt staring out at the ocean with her arms up at Bodega Bay
Ryan Moreno / Unsplash

Re-sil-ient, a result of living.

If you’re lucky enough, I hope life has made you more resilient. I hope you have obtained the ability to recoil, to spring back, to bend and to stretch. To reach your hands high and carry on. To maneuver all the mighty and beautiful challenges life presents. I hope you are able to be resilient in the face of adversity, struggle, and strive.

I hope you find something around every corner that makes you better than those two steps prior. I hope you view your setbacks as a comeback. But most importantly, I hope you know there is an art in your resilience. There is an art in moving forward, in transcending your pain and placing it in a room with a temporary home, emphasis on “temporary.”

Your life is your masterpiece, you are a piece of art. A gift that should always be celebrated, because life is brim full of disappointment and grief, it’s the choice you decide to make that matters more. Either stand up or remain on the floor. In that moment, you either find your true strength or ignore your capability to grow.

Aside from it all, I’ll never stop wishing words were enough to bring us home, to bring us through, to build us up. However, sometimes they’re not. They don’t always heal. They don’t always suffice. They don’t always take away the sting. But that doesn’t mean to stop searching for the words you must say, the words you need to say. They can make a difference, and are always, always needed.

Your life is your platform. Just like the sun needs the moon and the sky. Just like the ocean needs the waves and the sand. Just like you need a paintbrush for your canvas.

Your life is your canvas. What will you paint? What story will you tell? What word will you be? Maybe it’s resilient. You can find the art of resilience. You are resilient. TC mark


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