This Is Your Life

Tyler Kaslik / Unsplash

You’re gonna be okay. The sun will rise and the tides will change, and so will you. So will you, my dear. Don’t fight the currents, this is your life.

What are you going to do with it? Who are you going to be? Will you choose to dance? Even when the song ends, even when the dance floor clears? Will you? Everyone always says, “I hope you dance,” but I want you to know, whether you dance or you sit this one out, I’m still rooting for you. You’ll be okay if you dance today or tomorrow, or not at all, because maybe for you it’s not about the dance.

Life is more than just a dance. It’s a journey, a path to be traveled. Whether you pack lightly or heavy, the journey is yours. Your destination is up to you.

It’s a path that we carry all of our scars, our pain, our struggles. A path that we carry all of our joys, smiles, and hopes. It’s a journey I hope you cherish, a journey I hope you make the most of.

I know you’ve had some doubts; some bad luck, but darling, the sky is still full of stars. The fields are still full of flowers. There is still growing to do, there is still blooming to be done. There is still hope. There is still magic. There is still a life to be lived.

Take your hand, place it over your heart. Do you feel that? Do you feel your heart beating? That’s your sign. A sign that you’re just as alive as you will ever be. You have a purpose and you still have time to discover it.

Time is precious, what you do with it; who you spend it with matters.

In the meantime, live, love, create, go, do, and be. You can do great things and I believe in you. TC mark

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