Why Taking The Scenic Route In Your Life Makes All The Difference.

Do you ever pause and look at your life? Maybe even compare it to 1 year, 3 years, or even 5 years ago? So what if it’s different. So what if you’re different, I’d hope you would be. Honestly, I’ve never taken more pauses than I have lately because these days are good. I wonder, what makes me deserve this? How did I get so lucky? Because at one point, life was different. I wasn’t the me I knew I could be on my own. I was nothing less of a mere reflection of what others sought me to be. I wasn’t neatly stitched together. I was torn at the seams, but gracefully hanging on by every last thread and every last word that ever left a sting. I was holding on to this facade. This life that wasn’t meant for me. Things and people that no longer left me room to grow, to change, and to bloom in my own ways. I sought the permission of others more than my own. I needed validation and reassurance more than I needed my own two feet. But I sit here today with this new demeanor. This new purpose. This new story that I get to be the author of and I know that you see the difference. I know that you see the life that radiates out of me. It’s amazing how different you can feel when you make room for your own happy and you’re surrounded by those who want to share your happy with you. Oh, how grateful I am that I rode out some of the most challenging seasons and moments of my life, that I started choosing myself because it brought me here. It made me the person that I humbly am today, and it has led me to some of the most beautiful people where no approval is needed and no score is being kept. So if you have the choice to take the scenic route in your life, don’t be afraid to take it. I wasn’t ready then, but I am so ready now. Fight hard to find your place in the world. Because you have one. You have a place waiting for you. Even if it’s hard and it’s scary, you won’t get there by accident, you will get there on purpose. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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