God Is Calling You For A Reason — It’s Up To You To Figure Out What It Is

Milada Vigerova

I don’t think we ever stop searching for our purpose in life. I don’t think we ever stop searching for meaning. However, I do believe that God calls upon us to do certain things at certain seasons of our lives. He brings us back to places and people with a purpose. There is something He is calling us to do, and we don’t always recognize it.

I think we should be appreciative of all the different seasons of our life’s. We go through them for a reason. We needed all the things we endured and the people we encountered during that season. Not one season is better or worse than the other. These seasons in life help us grow and learn what only God can show us.

More times than none God shows up in our life. Looking back, for me, it was often in the form of something or someone else. He rekindled friendships that had ended years prior. He rebuilt that friendship that I never would have. At that time, they needed me; I needed them. Neither one of us would have realized it then. He needed me to be a friend. To help someone overcome a period of their life. He needed me to be that person. He called me to be there.

God has a funny way of bringing us back to the things and the places we said we’d never go back to. He gives us the opportunity to see things differently, to gain a new perspective. It’s up to us to respond.

In more recent encounters, God has brought me back home. After moving out and being on my own for 4 years, God has called me back to my roots. After trying to stand on my own two feet this past year, He showed me that this wasn’t His plan for me. This wasn’t where He wanted me to be. It was time to let go. It was time to come back.

In a time like this I wanted to be angry at Him. I was frustrated and left feeling like a failure. I didn’t understand why after all these years of hard work and dedication, I was going to have to leave. I had never been more afraid to see my life in the rearview. However, being back here has opened my eyes and my heart more than I anticipated. There is something here I am being called to do. There is more light here, than darkness.

Whether it is a season of struggle or growth, I hope you embrace it. I hope you find the courage to confront it, to call it by name, and to face it. I hope you find God in the middle of that season, in the middle of all your hard days and good days. I hope you give Him the glory and continue to walk towards the thing He is calling you to.

Remember, “To everything there is as season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3).

So, I ask you this, what season of your life are you in? Is there something in this season you can learn? Is there something God is trying to teach you? What is it that He is calling you to do? Is there someone God has brought back into your life? Is there a place God has called you home to? What does this mean for you? What can you do in this season of life that glorifies God?

Sometimes, our life turns out exactly the way we said it wouldn’t, and that could be the greatest blessing we never thought we needed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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