What It Means To Always Be The Strong One

Jaclyn Beales

Everybody respects you for your strength. They look up to you, for how strong you’ve always been. You’re the one who always holds it together, keeps going, and perseveres despite all.
You always wear a smile of gold on the outside, when inside, you may beg to differ.

People undoubtedly admire you for this. They wish they too, possessed this quality. The quality of being strong. Unforgivingly strong. Undeniably strong.

There’s nothing in the world that could break you. You wouldn’t let it, you’ve never let it. There’s nothing you let hold you back either. Your setbacks turn into comebacks; when you comeback, you’re strength is even stronger than before.

You’ve always known you carried this quality around inside you. You’re always putting it to good use. You’re always trying to be strong for yourself and everyone around you.

A lot of the time, you don’t see what everyone else sees in your strength. You don’t see what being strong really looks like. You see this quality as your weakness. You find that this quality gets in the way, heavy, and tiring.

But being strong is default to you. It’s second nature. You don’t know how to not be strong, even if you tried. You can’t stop fighting. You can’t stop searching, hoping, wandering.

That’s what’s so beautiful about your strength. You don’t know how to go through life without it. And we’re glad for that. We’re glad for you.

Even when it rains, you want to dance in the storm. Even when the wind won’t stop blowing, you want to get blown away in it. When the waves won’t stop crashing, you want to walk to the shore of the ocean and feel it’s presence. You want to stand amidst the chaos and feel the beauty beneath it. Your strength makes you unafraid, it makes you human, and a good one at that.

I want you to know that being strong is beautiful and looks good on you. I hope you decide to wear it more often.

I hope you continue fighting and moving towards the unknown. I hope you start to understand that your ability to be strong and keep going is a gift. A gift that not everyone was given. A gift that many wish they had.

Being strong may not always be easy, but I bet it’s worth it. I hope on the days where you want to walk away and give up, you find your strength. And on the days where you feel being strong is a little too much, a little too heavy, you remind yourself how far you’ve come, and how much further you’re willing and able to go.

You are strong, indisputably strong and the world needs that. We need the fighters, the ones who see the beauty in the pain, the hope in the moments of doubt. We don’t need you to give up on yourself or to stop being strong. We need you to see your strength as we do—a blessing, a gift. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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