What It’s Like To Be Inspired By The Love Of Others

Nathan McBride

There’s no escape from seeing or hearing about the love of others. All it takes is a simple scroll through Facebook or Instagram to be reminded. You’re bound to find a new engagement post or ring on her finger pic. It’s what everyone our age is doing. Falling in love, buying houses, getting married. If you’re not careful, you’ll think you’re behind with your own life. But you’re not. Please don’t feel like you are.

I’m just still getting over how weird it is. So weird, so crazy. Especially when I’ve been to more weddings in my life than I have dates. I’ll just assume that’s normal? If it’s not, please don’t tell me. But for real, all my friends are getting married or are already married. Are we there yet? Are we really at that age where that thing should be happening? Some say yes, others are thinking, heck no.

There is one of two ways to deal with growing up and watching your friends find love and set off on their happily ever after. One, you ignore it and feel bitter, or two, you feel happy for them, inspired even.

I’ll choose route number two. I’m inspired by the love of others. I think it’s a beautiful and lucky thing to have. Once you find it, cling tight to it. I can’t help but look at their stories and think, one-day I’ll have something like that.

Witnessing others fall in love and stay in love, is a magical thing. It gives you hope that love still exists in the world. People everywhere are still finding it, and so can you. I love seeing and hearing about all the lucky ones, all the ones who made it there. Who found someone they want to hold on to and keep for the rest of their lives. I think everyone deserves that. Everyone deserves to be loved and feel loved. Everyone deserves someone they get to call their forever.

Your love inspires me. Your love is inspiring others. Between the pictures, the smiles, all of it, you’ve changed someone’s heart. You’ve helped them not give up on love. Sometimes love will show up late or early, but it does show up.

One day it won’t stand you up or leave you hanging. It won’t purposely wait five hours to text you back or disappear without warning. It won’t look like the person that never told you goodbye or the one that only wanted to play with your heart. It won’t be the person that ran away once you wanted commitment. Love won’t be any of those things.

It’ll be the person that decided to stay despite all the pandemonium and misperception. It’ll be the person that could have chosen someone else, but they chose you. Every day, for the rest of their life they will want to choose you.

So, my words to you, don’t be bitter over the love that’s been found. Don’t be unhappy with your own life because you don’t have that ring on your left finger. Be inspired. Be prompted to open your heart more and to let love in the next time its close by.

To those who have found love, thank you for inspiring us every day. You have given us something to look forward to. Your love is what we look at when we think we’ll never find it. Your love is what we see. You are on display; your love is on display. Keeping being in love and we’ll keep being inspired. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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