The World Needs Your Heart Of Gold

Serkan Göktay

You, you have a heart of gold. A soul as free and flowing as the waves on the shore.

Always searching for the good in someone else’s eyes.

You want someone to look at you the way you look at everyone else.

You want others to see the world as you see it. Inspiring and bright. A promise they will keep.

You want the world to love as you love. To feel as you feel. Full of good intent and honesty.

You look at everyone and see their heart. You see their true colors and still choose to love them.

You always choose to love others. To see the good in people. Despite the truth, despite human error.

You will never give up on people. That’s what’s so great about you. You’ll never stop believing that people do change and when they finally do, it’s for the better.

You always lend a smile, with hopes of one in return.

Your laughter is contagious. There’s nothing else you do better. It’s a roadmap to your soul.

My dear, your heart is pure. It is good.

Your intent is good.

Your hopes are good.

Your love is good.

You are simply good.

Not every person is deserving of your love.

Not every person deserves for you to stay.

You already know this, but you choose to always stay. You still choose to share your love.

Even when others ridded you of theirs.

Why do you always stay? Why do you still give away your love like it’s your last token?

When others have placed your love on the shelf and made you second best?

Why is it the ones with the biggest hearts are the last to love? Over looked? Taken for granted?

Know that your type will never go out of style. That the world thrives off the love you graciously give. You pour into all the half empty cups. Filling them up. Quenching their thirst.

Keep loving. Keep being good. Please keeping sharing your heart with us.

We’re here and we’re listening.

We’re rooting for the souls like you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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