I’m The Girl Who Will Always Be Unapologetically Me

Allef Vinicius

I’m that girl that needs less light and more candles. The girl who stays in the car a little longer because her favorite song came on the radio. The girl that needs midnight drives with the windows down and music blaring.

I’m that girl that needs coffee when I rise and around 2 o’clock on the dot. I’m that girl that needs wide open spaces to run. The girl that needs a field of wildflowers to pick. I’m that girl that likes to wander around her own town. The girl that always feels the need to take a picture, to capture the moment, to make it last forever.

I’m that girl that needs ice cream for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.
The girl that would rather go barefoot. I’m the girl that needs to be close to the sea. I need the salt air, the sandy shores, and the sunshine to bring me home. I’m the girl that will need nights in and nights out. The girl that will always try and convince you she can dance.

I’m the girl that wants to pack her bags, but part of me will always want to stay. I’m the girl that’s quick to say I’m sorry and eager to forgive. I’m the girl that feels too much and always will. I’m the girl that will always regret what I never got to say. The girl that will never make up her mind the first time.

I’m that girl that believes in holding hands and forehead kisses. I’m that girl that takes up the whole bed. The girl that tears open the curtains in the morning just to see the sun peeking through. The girl that doesn’t need an alarm clock to wake up at 7:30. I’m that girl that will make you fall in love with mornings.

I’m that girl that tries to read a book and will probably never finish. I’m that girl that will stop in the middle of the street to pet a dog. I’m that girl that needs to be reminded you care. I’m that girl that doesn’t mind sitting in silence. I’m that girl that will do more listening than talking. I’m that girl that will always miss them when they’re gone. The girl that makes goodbyes hard. The girl that needs a good cry.

I’m all these things and more.

This list will continue to grow. This list may one-day change.

But that girl that I was, the girl that I am, will forever be with me.
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