Don’t Let The Fear Of The Unknown Hold You Back Because Anything Is Possible

For a lot of us, we are afraid of the unknown. We’re terrified of moving towards something we can’t physically see.

We can’t think too far ahead without getting paralyzed with fear. The future always seems so far away. So blurry, so wavering.

There’s something intimidating in not knowing. There’s so much room for questions, uncertainty, and doubt.

The greatest amount of beauty and fear lies in not knowing. It is the unknown that pushes us forward, but also holds us back.

It is the constant struggle of finding our place, only to be told we belong there no more. It’s trying to make our mark. Figuring out what steps to take, what hands to hold, and what decisions to make. Deciphering what we should be fighting for and what we should be fighting against.

It’s the small sense of doubt we hold in our hearts. It’s like we believe in more than we should. But no one tells you that. No one tells you that there is pain in beauty. That it will hurt to feel and believe in much more.

We are eagerly trying to make room for hope. It’s become our mission. We can’t help but see the good and hope for it in all acquaintances.

We’re searching for it. We have no problem believing that it does get better. But it’s hard. It’s hard not knowing. It’s hard when the doubt creeps in. It’s hard when all you hear are no’s. It’s hard to picture a life without struggle and distress. It’s hard to think that these days won’t last forever.

When the unknown shows up like an uninvited guest, try to remember who put you here. Remember the promises He gave you. Remember you’re not alone.

Your life may be unknown to you, but to Him, He already knows it. He already knows the outcome. There is no unknown in His eyes. Trust. We must trust. Even when we have thrown our hands in the air and mistaken up for down. Let His grace lead you to the next place.

The unknown is so big, yet so beautiful. It leaves us with an endless amount of possibility. Almost anything could happen.

Don’t let the unknown scare you out of trying. Don’t let the unknown force you to give up on yourself. Don’t let the unknown rob you of your joy and your life. You are worthy of so much more.

Let it inspire you. Let it take you to new heights. Let it shatter every fear you once knew. Let it introduce you to new beginnings. Let it challenge you, encourage you, and allow you to flourish from the ground up.

The unknown doesn’t have to be a scary place. It doesn’t have to be a feeling of defeat. The unknown can be anything, it can take you anywhere.

Just think, some of the greatest things and feelings in your life, you didn’t see them coming. You never knew they would happen. But they did.

The unknown, don’t let it drown you. Don’t let it swallow you up. Don’t let it consume your inner being.

Dive right into it instead.

There is so much unknown, therefore anything in your life is possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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