You Have The Ability To Save People

Eric Nopanen

They’ve always said you can’t save people. We must save ourselves. I disagree. I think you can save people in more ways than none. Maybe not always, but sometimes.

Most of the time there’s someone you can save. With your words, heart, or smile. There is power in these things, use them.

People deserve to be saved.

To have someone fighting for or with them. Someone who says you’re worth it, you matter; I care. You can drag people out of that dark place. You can be the buoy that keeps them afloat; you can offer them life, light, and love. You have the power to save them.

It’s not always easy saving people. Not everyone wants to be saved, but you can try.

You must try. Please, try anyways.

We don’t always notice the ones who need saving. Sometimes they’re the strong ones. The strongest person you may know. They wear the big smiles and carry the even bigger hearts. They’re the ones you count on the most. The ones you run to. They’re usually the ones who fill you up when your cup is half empty. They offer you the inspiration they are desperately seeking. They are strong, but they are delicate, too.

They are the ones who need you the most.

But there are others too. Look for the half smiles and sad eyes. Be drawn to people with not so straight stories. The ones who have a crooked past, a not so neatly made bed. The ones who cry their selves to sleep at night. Let them tell you their greatest fears, their darkest secrets, and their not so perfectly painted life. Take a walk with them in their shoes. Let them show you their closet, where they’ve been hiding all their belongings. Let them know they can unpack them here. That here is good, and safe. They are safe.

Lead me to your favorite spot. I want to meet you in those moments of unclarity. Where light is dark and dark is light. I want to hold you through the fog, through the rain; through the storm. I want to understand. I want to know your story. What does your heart beat for? What does your soul yearn for?

Who you were, who you are, and who you hope to be. I don’t want to change you or make you feel less than you are. I want to save you from yourself, from others, and from the things you are running from. The things that changed you, challenged you, and left you feeling alone.

Stop leaving and running. Wear your scars. The scars that you carry inside. From the lies, the loss, the hurt, the lonely. They are your trophies. They are your proof that you survived. No-one can take them away from you.

Someone wants to save you. Right now, in this moment. You are worth being saved.

Save people.

We all need someone to pick us, to choose us, to want us.

Offer your hope and guidance. Be a lifeline to the broken and disheartened.

I hope you know you can save people. You can bring them back. I hope you try.

They’ve always said you can’t save people. We must save ourselves. I disagree. I think you can save people. In more ways than none. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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