To The One I Will Always Keep Dreaming About

Micah Hill

We all have a song that reminds us of him or her. A song you loved and adored before someone came along and gave it a whole new meaning. Suddenly it became more than just words to a beat.

It became a feeling and would always be a reminder of that person. That song would never be the same again.

He was my wildest dream. He was something so far out of reach and out of touch.

This somehow became our anthem.

I hated it and loved it all at once. I wanted to hate him for ruining it for me, for making this song ours.

Never will I listen to this song and not think of him.

Somedays I hear this song and change the station on impulse. Other days, I turn the volume all the way up and sing along.

All I’ll ever be to you is a memory.

A silhouette of something you never got to hold. A few exchanges of words that brought you to your knees. A few encounters that were simply naïve and careless.

I try to forget you. On most occasions, I do.

Time has covered our tracks. The text messages have been deleted. The pictures have been tucked away. There isn’t much room for you here. I know there isn’t any room for me there either.

Strange to think that over time people can become ghosts, even when they’re still alive. Still roaming and living out their lives.

At one point in time I knew you. At one point in time I wanted you. I held onto the idea of you coming home. However, it was all just a dream.
Despite it all, I hope you can say “you’ll remember me”.

I hope for you, you want to remember me, too.

I knew it would all end. I knew you’d leave sooner than later. But sometimes there is a part of me that wishes you’d stayed a little longer. That the ending would have been a little better.

My favorite verse in this song says it best, “someday when you leave me I bet these memories follow you around”.

I hope you’re haunted by what could’ve been. I hope you see my face and wonder how I am, wonder what I’m doing. I hope you see my name and miss it.

I hope I too, was your wildest dream. One we let slip away. One we already knew the ending to. One we would never get to see come true.
In our wildest dreams, we were together.

We were together and the world was perfect.

I’ll still hold on to the idea of us, because it’s fun. I have nothing to lose anymore, you’re already gone.

I hope when you hear this song, you too think of me.

I hope you see my face and remember me and then remember how it will always be, just a dream. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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