The Hard Days Are The Ones I’ll Always Be The Most Grateful For

Larm Rmah

It’s true. We aim to be great. We dream to do great things. We yearn for a life where we didn’t settle, we didn’t give in, or lose our grip. We want goodness and an abundance of joy. But when wanting these things, we rarely make room for the climb. We don’t make room for all the hard stuff. The messy stuff. We forget to mention the in-between. The fight we fought to get there. The pointless jobs; the wandering, the lull, the struggling moments that defined us, shaped us, and carried us through. We leave out the circumstances and situations that forever changed us. We don’t just wake up and become great. We cry tears of joy and pain for it. We pray for it. We begin at the bottom and climb our way up. We must go through the messy, the not so fun, the brutal and trying moments of our story. These are the days I’ll be forever grateful for. The days I wanted to quit. The days I said I was done. The days I wanted to turn around and run, far and fast. I’ll thank these days for who they made me, for where they take me. I hope you thank them too. Thank them for being placed in your life; for giving you the strength and courage that you may have never known existed inside of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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