Love Matters And It Always Will

Felix Russell-Saw

Do you believe in love? Searching for love? Running from love? Anticipating love? Maybe trying to deny love?

Whatever your story, it matters. Love matters. It always will.

I hope you told someone you love them today and I hope they loved you back. If they didn’t, I’m glad you gave love a shot; you had a moment of honesty. Something we don’t always have. Something we wish love always was. Honest – a strong shot of honesty. But sometimes love is hard. It’s unexplainable. But worth it. I think love is always worth it. It isn’t always easy to find or hold on to. Sometimes it gets away.

Or maybe sometimes we’re afraid. Afraid of love. Afraid to love. Afraid of what it may offer us or even where it may take us. Afraid that it may be too much or not enough. We fear that at some point it may run out. We’ll reach the end of the story and no one will be around for the sequel. We assume there will be no next time; that it doesn’t get better than the last time.

That once we find it, it slips away. Our grasp may never be tight enough to keep it. The ember that once burned so bright withered away to ash. The only thing left burning is that place in your soul where love once grew. We don’t look at love the same way anymore. We have sketched up a new design. Love isn’t the same love we once knew.

If you’re afraid of love and you’re running from it, I hope you let it catch up to you soon. I hope you remember what it felt like to hold love in your hand. Can you recall the places it used to dwell? Be still. Hold your hands high into the air. Point your face towards the beating sun. Feel your freedom, your space, your existence. Seek out love.

I hope you let yourself feel something, anything. I hope you forgive the broken heart that’s trying so hard to beat again. It can beat again. It will beat again. I hope you allow it to heal again. Let love live once again.

For some, you’re with love right now. You’ve had love for years. You’ve memorized love with all five senses. But you know it wasn’t always easy. You had moments where love didn’t always stare back at you. You may have had to fight for love. But you fought until love won. You knew that love was worth it.

If you’ve found your forever love, I hope you never waste a minute of it. I hope you scream and shout and graffiti love everywhere you go. Bathe in love. Bask in the glory of this beautiful thing called love. I hope the world looks at you and sees love and feels inspired.

And if you’re still trying to figure it all out, I hope you never stop trying. I hope you never give up on yourself. I hope you never give up on love. I hope you never stop giving love a chance.

More than anything, I hope all humans know that they have the capacity to give love and to be loved. That you yourself, are loved. So beloved and worthy. It can be a struggle. It can be a battle. It can feel like an uphill climb. But I want to give you this thing called hope, that carries you places you never thought you’d go. That can change your life and your perspective. I know it has changed mine. Take the time to love yourself first.

Because honestly, it’s the only thing that matters. It’s all we have. It’s worth it, every time. Love is worth it and we don’t just need it, we deserve it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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