Just Be Patient, The Timing Of Your Life Isn’t Off

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Timing – they say it is everything. They say it matters, timing matters. I’m still waiting for my timing. For the stars to align in my favor. I’m still making wishes on dandelions and searching for four leaf clovers.

Most of us are waiting for something. We’re anticipating the arrival of something more. We know there must be something more. So, we fill the time making wishes on stars at night, saying our prayers before bed, and crossing our fingers behind our backs.

We’re trying to sort out our lives. To take it all in. To figure it all out. To make sense out of all the things we know nothing about. We’re waiting for the answers that may never come, because we’re still figuring out all the questions.

I know I’m not alone. I know I’m not the only one that feels like their timing is off or never there.

We want what we want. Usually we want it right here and right now. We don’t always understand the process or trust the process of waiting. We want to skip the line and go straight to the front.

But just think how different your life may have been if you skipped all the lines? If you never did all the waiting?

It’s all easier said than done. I haven’t ever been the best at waiting, just wanting. It doesn’t take much to want, but it takes everything to wait and to be content with waiting. We don’t waste time when it comes to wishing our lives away.

We want a lifetime in a matter of seconds.

I’ve never been good with timing. If it’s even something one can be good at. I show up when the party’s over or leave before it’s begun. I catapult into the lives of others when they weren’t ready to catch me.

I slow dance with fire. I always leave with a mark. With proof of being burned. I show up anxious and ready. But the world whispers, not right now. Not yet. But keep trying. Please, keep trying. Timing. One-day you’ll be on my side. We’ll be a team. A good one. I can’t wait to look you in your eyes.

I write this to convince myself just as much as you, that your timing is coming, it’s on its way. Your timing may be off and you may feel that you will never get it right. But you will. You will soon see that certain things in your life had to happen. While certain things in your life you had to leave, let go of, and move on from.

You’re being led to that next place, the next moment in your life that will make your soul feel alive. Continue your life and your story. Allow things to catch up to you when it’s meant for you. Don’t forget about the life you have, waiting for the one in your head. It’s here, it’s coming, and I believe it gets better. It does get better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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