Be Still And Wait, For He Knows What Comes Next

Ben White

Be still. Two small and transparent words, with a much greater meaning.

Be still is my mantra for my life. What is yours?

Many people and events transpired before this inspiring phrase became forever stamped on my heart and turned into a part of my journey.

How can one truly be still? It sounds hopeless. Due to the world we live in and things we’re surround by. There is a constant need to keep going, to keep moving, and to get there.

Is it even possible to just be still?

Being still is something I’ve fought with and usually lost. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. If it was acceptable to run everywhere I went, I would. Never looked back, just went full-fledged forward.

I never made much room in my life for still. I never thought it could coexist.

Where ever the next place was, I wanted to be there. My mind was always 5 steps ahead of my body. Constantly longing for a place other than right here, right now.

The constant need to move, to go, and to be wears you thin.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to climb mountains that I wasn’t ready for. I wanted to be where everyone else was. I quickly learned that maybe where everyone else was, wasn’t meant for me.

I realized that to be still is a lot more than sitting and waiting. It is having faith and hope in knowing that something does come next.

Right now, you may be struggling with yourself and a future you don’t know how to get to. You may be afraid and feel so alone in this moment. You may feel like you’re trying to get there, but you don’t know where there is. You’re not alone and I urge you to try and be still.

My faith inspired me more than anything. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

There is nothing in my life that isn’t already known by God. There is nothing in your life that isn’t already known by Him either. We must slow down. We must stop trying to get ahead before He is ready, we must stop keeping score and taking names.

We must wait for Him to meet us in the chaos. He wants to meet us in these moments of doubt, uncertainty, and fear.

In the middle of the storm I found strength and courage. The tranquility was visible once I loosened the grip over control.

To be still means to abandon all yearnings and desires. To walk out on faith and wait serenely for what comes next.

Something does come next. I hope you start to believe that.

I want nothing more than to simply be still.

We all need a quiet mind, a peaceful heart, and a satisfaction in knowing we won’t move without You.

This is my constant reminder, that there is no other place for me than right here, right now. There is no path that is better or greater.

There is no shame in waiting and knowing that what comes next will be all things good and lovely.

Be still, embrace the unknown and look forward to what comes next.

God has you. He always has and always will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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