6 Thoughts You’ve Had During Finals Week


Finals: the dreaded week at the end of the semester where you study to “test what you’ve learned” over the semester. Instead, it’s a week of horror, no sleep, and seemingly endless material to learn. Here are six thoughts everyone has during finals week.

1. Should I start studying for finals?

For some, this question pops up a week before the first big exam. For others, it’s a few mere hours. Regardless of when you answer this question, the answer is yes.

2. When did I learn this?

Remember that one day that you slept through all of your classes by mistake because your alarm was set for PM instead of AM? What about that day the hot guy in class asked you a question and you got to talk to him for a few seconds? Or what about that day you decided to skip all your classes to extend your already long weekend? Too bad.

3. Should I shower today?

Sometimes personal hygiene goes out the window, especially if you have more than one final in a day. Last semester I rocked the same outfit four days in a row. Hey, it happens to the best of us. As long as people don’t wrinkle their nose when you walk by, you’re good.

4. Is there enough coffee in the world for this?

No. There is no such thing as enough coffee during finals week.

5. Who are all of these people at the library?

All semester, the library is my sanctuary. It’s where I can get away from everyone and actually have a decent amount of peace. At the end of the semester, it becomes the watering hole of campus. Everyone struts into the library like they own the place and they invade your territory. Where the heck were you all during the semester?

6. What am I doing with my life?

At least once, you will begin to question your major and the direction life is taking you. At some point, working at McDonald’s flipping burgers will start to sound appealing. Fight the urge to cry and pull yourself together. You have plenty of time to figure out what to do post-apocalypse. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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