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Where My Depression Lives

It lives in memories of taking Adderall in college and in thinking about that one time I closed my eyes at 3AM and could feel my eyes whizzing around really fast behind their lids and my heart racing and I remember thinking: why do I need this to do what everyone else is doing?

Some Major Life Moments Defined By What TV Show I Was Watching At The Time

NCIS (seriously). Backstory: I took some career personality test as part of the practice ACT exam (???), and it told me that I should go into law enforcement—which is how I ended up here, over-sharing my feelings on the internet! JK, I decided the only way to know for sure whether I was destined for this was to obviously watch NCIS. I can’t even look at ads for this show anymore because it just makes me think about standardized tests and the stomach ulcer I had in 2011.

All The Times I’ve Been Touched In The Last 24 Hours

A guy with about 400 shopping bags sits down next to me on the 6 and his leg bumps into mine. I dramatically move my legs away to signal that I hate the fact he’s basically sitting on top of me, but he uses it to his advantage and fills up the space. I try to re-download apps on my phone, but Shopping Bag Guy keeps hitting my leg.

That Was Kind Of Dark!

Frankly, there is nothing more embarrassing to me than spending time trying to verbalize something crazy you’ve concocted in your head, only for someone to immediately be like, “um, hm, okay. That was kind of dark! How about you just try being neurotypical?”

Yes, It’s Really Me, The Sad Boy Of Your Dreams

You can stop dating regular men now, because it’s me, your local Sad Boy. I’m here to hold your hand as I agree with you that men really are totally awful—but not me because I’m sad!—and then I’m going to try and change everything about you and be mopey about it when you resist.

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