Ways In Which The Guy You Have A Crush On And Your Therapist Are Almost Exactly The Same

The Sopranos

1. They both have the capability of making you cry and are usually successful in doing so.

2. You’ve either thought of something or had something happen to you that’s made you think: “oh, great, I should remember to bring that up the next time I see them.”

3. You don’t really want to introduce either of them to your parents.

4. But your parents still ask about both of them.

5. You’ve had moments in public where you thought you saw them coming towards you and thought, “oh fuck, nooooooooooo.”

6. You tell your friends about them, but you keep 99% of the details to yourself.

7. And, honestly, you’re always wondering what they say about you to their friends.

8. Or if they talk about you at all.

9. You’ve wondered if they consider you exciting enough to even think about.

10. You seem to have uncontrollable word vomit whenever you’re around them.

11. They both have kept you up at night with different thoughts and concerns and worries.

12. You sometimes feel like impulsively buying them a gift, but is that appropriate?

13. You hate it when they cancel on you or have to reschedule.

14. Usually because you spend your whole day emotionally preparing yourself to see them and it’s exhausting.

15. Also because you have an irrational, suppressed idea that you should always be their number one priority forever and ever.

16. But you would never tell them that because they can’t know you’re that crazy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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