25 Things I Want For My Little Sister (Even On The Days I Can’t Stand Her)


1. To feel free and comfortable making mistakes. And to learn from them.

2. Friends who want to talk to her rather than at her. Friends who listen—really listen. Friends who make her feel like her best self all the time. Friends who make fun of her when she does something embarrassing (inevitable). Friends who make her laugh until she can’t breathe. Friends who challenge her. Friends who encourage her.

3. To have the biggest, wildest dreams. And to never follow thoughts about those dreams with feelings of doubt, self-loathing, or hesitation.

4. The confidence I never had. The confidence to pursue what she wants when she wants it.

5. Someone she can go to for anything—secrets, adventures, bail money.

6. That one song—the one where, when it plays, she has to stop everything she’s doing and fully immerse herself in the music and lyrics. The one she can always rely to help in collecting herself mentally and emotionally.

7. To fall in love with herself before she falls for any guy.

8. Experiences that will change her life forever. Many of them. Good and bad, I want her to have them all.

9. Opportunities to venture outside her comfort zone.

10. Endless moments where she feels on top of the world.

11. The awareness that people value her for exactly who she is.

12. The wisdom to see the bigger picture.

13. A love of knowledge that is rooted in learning, and not in studying for the next test just to get good grades.

14. The patience to stop her from rushing through any stage in life, especially the milestones. The patience to allow herself to stop every once in a while and appreciate and admire everything around her.

15. To feel immeasurable and unconditional love for everyone around her.

16. To be surrounded by incredible people who deserve that immeasurable and unconditional love.

17. The mental stability and strength to persevere through the really, really bad days. Because there will definitely be more than a few.

18. And the ability to come out of those really, really bad days with a greater appreciation for the good ones.

19. The strength to stand her ground and to stand behind her values and opinions. Because there are a lot of idiots out there.

20. The courage to overcome obstacles without letting them beat her down, and without compromising her beliefs or convictions.

21. To get her driver’s license so I don’t have to keep chauffeuring her around.

22. The desire to travel. To learn from outside the classroom. To meet people she wouldn’t otherwise encounter in everyday life.

23. To find solace in being alone.

24. An environment that makes her feel safe and adored.

25. The reassurance that she’s not—and never will be—alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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