5 Of Our Favorite Thought Catalog College Instagrams

Today, the Thought Catalog homepage is dedicated to college. Last week, we asked you to show off your school spirit by Tweeting or Instagramming your favorite “college” photos.

For any future submissions, include the hashtag #thoughtcatalog.

1. The reminiscing graduate.

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Today is the first day in 18 years that I'm not starting another year of school, and it's a weird feeling to process. Cody Gohl oh so eloquently sums it up. "People feel different things after they graduate college but I can guarantee you that almost all of them feel a little deflated, like a little glowing something has been sucked from the center of their heart. People grieve for college in different ways and to varying degrees of extremity, but there is always this emptiness that they wade through. For nearly a quarter of my conscious life, this place has been my home. This place that has been at times both my greatest playground and my greatest barbed-wire-fence stands before me as something that is suddenly neither of those things any longer."

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2. The collegiate couple traveling the world.

3. The freshmen roommates who became best friends for life.

4. The student ready to tackle her bucket list.

5. The student who graduated with great friends, stories, and life lessons.

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