18 Problems Anyone Who’s Way Too Polite Will Relate To


1. You’re the ultimate people pleaser. Teachers and parents adore you.

2. Your kindness gets mistaken for flirting a lot of the time. You think it’s weird that just being a decent human equates to you being in love with someone; in reality, you’ve just been raised to be polite to everybody.

3. You’ve pity dated. You feel awful turning someone down when they take the time to ask you out—especially if you really don’t have any real reason to reject them. So you power through one awful date and then delicately end it after.

4. If your daily life were closed captioned, your subtitles would read “[screams internally]” as you force a smile on your face and listen to the assholes and difficult people you encounter regularly.

5. People think they can walk all over you. Little do they know, once someone pushes an Overly Nice Person to their limits, absolute terror and hell will be unleashed upon them. We have a lot of pent-up emotions.

6. You serve as a traveling, free therapist. Friends, family members, and occasionally strangers, take your kindness as an invitation to constantly unload a mountain of feelings and personal concerns onto your shoulders.

7. Whenever you bring down the facade of perpetual niceness and get rationally angry/upset by something, people immediately jump to the conclusion something is wrong with you.

8. You’re always the go-to for favors. You always say yes. Ugh.

9. It’s sometimes even assumed that you’ll help out with these favors, so you just volunteer your assistance before anybody officially asks.

10. A lot of people consider your kindness to be a flaw and some kind of weakness. (Yet, that doesn’t stop them from asking you for favors. Mhm. *Side-eye.*)

11. You secretly agree that it can be a weakness, because you hate feeling guilty over letting people down.

12. You are the Supreme Leader of remembering names, birthdays, and even the most trivial facts about people. It’s incredibly frustrating when people can’t do the same for you.

13. You can’t stand it when people say “Oh you’re so nice!”

14. There’s always pressure on you to bring the ~*~positive vibes~*~ and ~*~happy energy~*~ into a situation when everyone else is upset.

15. Others assume you have low self-esteem because you can’t say “no,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You just want to make others happy and feel useful. You can be a confident, kick ass human being and be kind too.

16. If you ever slip up and hurt somebody’s feelings it haunts you. You never want to be that person who makes someone else upset.

17. You’ve apologized to an inanimate object after bumping into it. It’s just a natural gut reaction.

18. Every once in a while you make the mistake of believing that people can be as nice as you are. (Un)Fortunately, it isn’t too long before someone comes along to prove you wrong. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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