Forget About Your Teeth Falling Out, These 15 Millennials Share What Actually Fuels Their Nightmares

lauren rushing
lauren rushing

1. “It was the night before a big job interview, and I kept having this recurring nightmare where I was sitting in a conference room and various people were turning me down for jobs because of my Facebook photos. I kept asking if I could just check my Facebook to see and explain what they were talking about, but the wifi in the room was down.”

— Natalie, 22

2. “I dreamt that my boyfriend broke up with me because he found out that I had accidentally liked one of his ex girlfriend’s Instagram pictures from 2010. When I woke up, I immediately unfollowed her, just in case.”

— Meg, 20

3. “Everyone kept pulling off their faces to reveal that they were somebody else. It was like I was getting catfished over and over again in person, rather than online. It was horrific.”

— Pat, 22

4. “My boyfriend came out to me as a transgender woman and started dressing in drag and dating other trans woman. Then we went to the ocean and the water felt so good, but my significant other wouldn’t fuck me because her dick was too sore from being with other people. I would go out with her new friends and try to act like like the cool girlfriend but I knew I was losing her and couldn’t talk to anyone else about it.”

— Carla, 25

5. “You know that dream everyone has where their teeth fall out? I dreamt that my Apple watch crumbled in my hands and turned into a pile of tiny screws.”

— Jimmy, 23

6. “I had a dream that all my social media accounts were hacked and the hackers started posting all these nasty comments on my feed. I was completely locked out of all my accounts. The dream was so real and so vivid that when I woke up I refused to get up and look at my phone because I didn’t want to deal with the consequences.”

— Brandon, 21

7. “I swear I’ve had this one like five times, but I’ll dream about responding to a Facebook event invite and then it turns out it was all a prank just to see what I would say. Like, if I responded ‘Yes’ too quickly, everyone in the dream would laugh at me for not having a life. And if I responded ‘No’ everyone would do something really awesome and fun and completely exclude me from it.”

— Jack, 18

8. “So, the subway app on my phone is missing, and I have no idea how else to check the train schedule, so I’m running around in circles underground and nobody will help me, give me directions, or even talk to me.”

— Lindsay, 21

9. “My evil roommate deleted all of my social media accounts and then I started disappearing. Like, when I would run up to my friends or strangers in my dream asking for their help, they couldn’t see me. It was super disturbing.”

— Susie, 22

10. “Every time I would take a picture, it would immediately get deleted. It was driving me crazy, I kept trying to capture all these memories and images of my friends, but my phone would just automatically lose all of it and there was nothing I could do.”

— Taylor, 19

11. “I dreamt that I got in a massive blowout fight with my boyfriend, so I grabbed my laptop and my bag and walked right out the door for good. But when I went to turn on my laptop on later, I was completely locked out of it because my boyfriend had installed some special software on it behind my back that’s supposed to block thieves from accessing your files and he’d activated it! I felt so violated, and I woke up so angry at my boyfriend.”

— Bella, 21

12. “Once, I had this really bizarre dream where whenever I looked at my phone, I would always see a space where an app used to be, and I would freak out because I had no idea which one was missing or why.”

— Teddy, 24

13. “I was traveling around Europe and was getting so claustrophobic from how touristy certain places were. One night during the trip, I literally had a Texas Chain Saw Massacre-style nightmare, but instead of Leatherface trying to hack my head off, it was a bunch of people trying to beat me with selfie sticks.”

— Nick, 21

14. “I was in Yosemite and there was the most amazingly starry sky ever, but I couldn’t photograph it because my iPhone couldn’t absorb the star light. I had panic attack: who is going to believe that I was witnessing such a beautiful scene of nature and space without photographic proof? It was so frustrating to not be able to capture it. Then, my phone stopped working and I became blind. I had to force myself out of the dream and woke up sweating.”

— Sam, 23

15. “I had to be somewhere important at a certain time, but anytime I looked at my phone screen, the numbers of the time were all jumbled and so I couldn’t tell what time it was. I have a perpetual fear of being late, so I just spent the majority of the dream frantically running around checking other people’s phones.”

—Grace, 18 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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