13 Reasons Why I Hate Living With My Parents

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My parents recently pulled a drug test on me and to no one’s surprise; I failed (honestly lucky THC was the only thing that showed up). Being an avid weed lover but constantly away at school the last two years was the ideal set-up. This was all shattered the moment my parents made me un-enroll from university and live at home for a semester, with random drug tests. Living in my parents home is like having a dark cloud of anger and frustration and clashing personalities over my head at all times, never knowing when it’s going to rain. I haven’t served much of my 5-month sentence, but transitioning from living by myself back to my parent’s house has already been rough. The reasons of hate are as follows:

1. Not being able to go to the bathroom the second I feel the urge, no matter what I’m doing. If I am changing clothes and have to pee, I should be able to run to the bathroom topless and relieve myself.

2. The look on my mother’s face every time she “folds” one of my thongs. I’ve tried to avoid this by doing the responsible thing and do my own laundry, only to get yelled at for doing smaller than family size loads and ignoring my brother’s dirty boxers.

3. Other people eating my avocados, forcing me to go to the store multiple times a week to purchase more. Yes, this is a serious problem.

4. Being judged for listening to “raunchy, nasty, black music” AKA Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the Creator. And yes, “raunchy, nasty, black music” is a direct quote from the lips of my racist, demon-spawn mother.

5. The fact that my parents judge all my friends and think that they corrupted their sweet little daughter away at college. My parents think everyone I met at college is a pot smoking alcoholic and they literally wonder if the next person I bring through the door will be my ex-drug dealer. This is especially hard when trying to introduce them to my best friend who is such a hard-working person that my parents would love. I hate that his reputation will be forever corrupted in their eyes because of my actions (and yes, maybe I wish this person would be more than my best friend and maybe I want them in my life forever).

6. The fact that my room is covered in lavender. Lavender bookcases, shelves, curtains… the list goes on. Not to mention other things I wish weren’t in my room like homecoming mums from ex’s and middle school band pictures hung on the walls. At least I had the same size bed at college and changed the sheets and duvet cover to black.

7. My mother going through my things while I am not home. My mom found a “budget” I made saying I spent $50 a week on weed and $25 a week on alcohol. Like I ever followed any budget. Plus, if I only bought an eighth a week my life would have sucked, come on mom.

8. Not being able to lay in bed all day with my best friend.

9. Having to do things on my parent’s schedule. If I want to hang out with friends, it must be on their time, not mine or even the rest of the world’s. My parents make a point to be involved with every aspect of my life so every little think I do has to fit with their schedule too. I miss the days of spontaneous 2am hang out sessions and randomly buying concert tickets the day of a show, but also being able to get ice cream whenever I want.

10. I get treated like a fugitive 15 year old. My parents haven’t accepted the fact than in 2 years of university I changed and grew up a lot. My mom keeps telling me to “decide who I am going to be”. Thanks, I think I figured that out a lot better living on my own than I ever could living with my parents.

11. The forcing of conservative Christian values on my life. There is more than one way to live and be successful, a concept foreign to my parents. You can be a good person and have morals without a structured religion.

12. The worry that my parents are eavesdropping on me every second of everyday.

13. Having to password protect my iPhone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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