6 Times You Know You Have To Let Them Go

Flickr / Juli__a
Flickr / Juli__a

Life is a constant, ever changing roller coaster ride with black tunnels and turns that you aren’t expecting. Through the chaos of life, we all seek something consistent and familiar. We are creatures of habit who enjoy our comfort zones. But sometimes that consentient person who you feel comfortable around is holding you back from reaching your highest potential. It’s time to embrace the craziness and uncertainty that is life. It’s time to let that person go. Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Let them go when you can’t see a future

It’s wonderful to have a best friend who you love and adore and who makes you laugh and smile. But if your life goals ultimately don’t line up with theirs, it’s time to let them go. Don’t sacrifice your dreams for a future with them. If you can’t imagine having holiday dinners at your parents’ house with them for years to come, let them go.

2. Let them go when they don’t inspire and/or support you

I want a partner who inspires me and supports me always. Even if my hopes and dreams aren’t the same as theirs, I want to feel supported and know that I always have them on my side. I want them to be my biggest fan and to be proud of me. If they aren’t, say goodbye.

3. Let them go if they leave you feeling unfulfilled

So many times I will spend time with a guy and then later think “what did I do yesterday? What did we even talk about?” Spending countless hours with your significant other can be a great time, but it should not leave you feeling like you have wasted your entire afternoon. You should leave feeling confident, having learned something new about them or the world, and urging to see them again. If you don’t, what are you doing?

4. Let them go if they don’t cherish you the way you cherish them

This cut cuts deep. Realizing that you cherish someone more than they cherish you is something no one can and should get past. If you see yourself bending over backwards for them, going out of your way and doing it because you love them and you want to but they don’t do the same, it’s time to face the ugly truth. Find someone who makes you feel special because you are special. Relationships are two sided, don’t be both sides. You know it’s time to let them go when all you get on your birthday is a text.

5. Let them go if you can see more and do more without them

When someone becomes more of a burden than a desire, you need to cut the cord. So often I’ll hear people say “I want to travel but I feel like I can’t leave.” Go. They should want you to go explore, and maybe even come with you. They should inspire you to go and support you by being there when you get home.

6. Let them go because you love them

When you truly love someone, you will do anything to help that person reach success and be happy. Sometimes this even means saying goodbye because you know that they won’t ever reach their full potential unless they are alone and can stand on their own two feet. Maybe your paths will cross again, but in the meantime let them blaze their own path. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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