32 Things I Want My Future Daughter To Know


You’re beautiful (to me, always). I hope you inherit my smile and your father’s humor. I can’t say I am absolutely positive of who he is at this moment in time, but I know that if I marry a man he must have the ability to bring me deep, wondrous belly laughs.

I’m writing you this list of life lessons and I hope you take them wherever you may go. I am sure I will be right by your side reminding you of them each step of the way:

1.) Sunshine. Terrible for your skin, but oh-so-good for your soul. Wear sunscreen, darling. Even on the cloudiest of days. It won’t ever hurt you. With that being said, still utilize the sun completely. The sunshine makes for a clear mind and a big, bright smile.

2.) You know the song I have sung to you since you were a teensy-tiny bundle of joy? Well your grandmother sang it to me all through the years of my childhood. I hope you get to meet her. and always remember that you are my sunshine.

3.) Each person you will meet is lucky to meet you, just as lucky as you are to have met them. We are all human beings, constructed of skin and bones, beautiful minds, and compassion. Do not ever be afraid to befriend someone or speak your opinion.

4.) Chocolate leads to a short lived pleasure, not happiness. It is okay to indulge occasionally, but do not make it a habit. But if ever in desperate need, I am sure I will always have a stash hidden somewhere.

5.) Always keep your clothing modest, comfortable and classy.

6.) Never, ever, ever bite your nails, sweetie. Mommy began this bad habit at a young age, hopefully Ill have broken it by the time you come along.

7.) Dare to wear red lipstick. Be you, little love.

8.) Hope is what keeps us going, but living keeps us alive. I hope I can explain this more to you later, but for now I’ll keep it simple. Don’t be afraid to dream, about your future career, college, your wedding. It keeps things exciting, but don’t ever forget to grasp life in the moment you are living in.

9.) Wash your face, at least twice daily. Even if you go without wearing makeup, you still collect dirt and oil throughout the day.

10.) You do NOT need makeup. It took me twenty years to learn this, so I want you to learn it early on. It can be fun to play with it sometimes, but you don’t need it for everyday use.

11.) Summer dresses are the absolute best.

12.) Marry the man who reminds you to keep your blow-dryer heat on low. Marry the man who makes you feel crazy beautiful and crazy loved. Marry the man who is gentle and always wants what’s best for you. Marry the man who brings out the best of you, but accepts your flaws and never judges you for your hormone-induced tears.

13.) Never ever let any man make you feel unworthy of ANYTHING in this world. You are beautiful, worth all this world has to offer. You will achieve great things.

14.) Be social. Make friends wherever you may go. Be it the grocery store, the library or a coffee shop. Friends are everywhere, it’s up to you to make them.

15.) Don’t ever settle. You do not have to offer an explanation if you do not want to go to an event or make plans with someone. Unless it is an important family event. I will drag you there, sorry dear.

16.) If your mother is one thing, she is understanding. She knows what it is like to be your age. Tell me everything. I will never judge, but I will advise to my best effort.

17.) Travel. For the world is filled with knowledge to be learned. It is so much more than what you will learn in a classroom.

18.) Salad will never be better than pasta. Eat in moderation, but never force yourself to eat an undesirable salad.

19.) Always expect the best from people. Live positively.

20.) If you believe something is worth being fought for, then fight for it fiercely my love. But you shouldn’t ever have to fight for acceptance.

21.) Don’t always experience life behind a camera, it is okay and encouraged to take pictures. But taking too many will take away from the moment. Seize the moment.

22.) Sunbathe.

23.) Music is a great fix for whatever mood you may be in.

24.) Be flexible. Life never goes as planned.

25.) God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

26.) Read books, they hold wonderful secrets. Sarah Dessen books will be gifted to you.

27.) Know that I will always try understanding you and all sides of your stories. I will accept you in all of your forms.

 28.) If you need me, I will be there. I don’t care if it is 3am and you think your father will kill you for whatever it is you’ve done, or wherever you’re at. I will come and pick you up, and we will discuss it over coffee.

29.) Credit Cards are Satan. You may not get one.

30.) Savings accounts are everything. Money=Freedom.

31.) Find some sort of physical activity you enjoy, and do it regularly.

32.) I will always love you and I cannot wait to meet you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Katie Huish is a university student, a believer of Christ, and part-time solo female traveler. Jesus, Travel, and Coffee fuel her heart.

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