When Someone Doesn’t Choose You

Luke Ma
Luke Ma

No matter the sweet words they’ll throw around and the loving touches that will send you into a deep, protected sleep — they will wake up one morning and realize that it’s not you. It was never you. It could never be you.

When someone doesn’t choose you, regret will flood your already drowning mind. You’ll spend hours crying over the times you were too stubborn to kiss him, knowing that you can never make it right.

Chaos will build a playground around your heart leaving you to wonder how someone could claim to love you so much, but not enough to fight for you. Your heart will be broken and your eyes sharp daggers. When someone doesn’t choose you, change it inevitable. The person you once were will become unrecognizable.

Skewed logic will convince you that you aren’t good enough, and you’ll be too obstinate to admit how badly you’re hurt. You’ll hate yourself for being the one that loved more — the one that loved too much. When someone doesn’t choose you, you’ll be left all alone to wonder why. Closure will become a fantasy and you’ll learn to live with this new, excruciatingly harsh reality.

There will come a time that it clicks. It will click not only for the one you once adored, but it will click for you as well. After months of wracking your brain for what went wrong, you’ll realize that the love you shared was good. It just wasn’t good enough to fight for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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