Thank You For Being Patient With Me

I never expected a man like you to come into my life. You were a surprise, a wake-up call to what it is I always deserved. After multiple heartbreaks, you are the only one who treats my heart the way my mom told me a man should.

The one who showed me that patience is a virtue, because in the end, your dedication paid off. I was blind for so long to the remarkable man you are and continue to grow into. Even when I avoided you in the halls at school, you still found a way to make it into my thoughts. You relentlessly showed me your forgiving and kind nature, but I truly think I wasn’t ready for someone like you.

I needed to have my heart torn in two to realize I deserved better. I deserved you. And now, there is no one in the world who can try to prove to me that we don’t find our way to who we’re meant to be with — all because I found you.

After months spent finding myself again, I finally found someone who could sincerely appreciate me for who I am. The ones who came before you are known for how distraught they left me. In the wake of their absence, I was a mess. A home that collapsed inward on herself. All that was left was the wooden frame that once housed a naive fascination for love and all its tribulations.

Somehow, you’ve rebuilt the home the two men before you tore apart with only your two hands. The walls they kicked down over and over were reconstructed and repainted by you. The windows I shattered in frustration and ruin, you helped to reinstall. You built me up brick by brick and stayed with me through each storm, and continue to do so.

Despite having experience suffering with each life-shattering heartbreak before you, I wouldn’t turn back time to have met you earlier, because the pain taught me how to appreciate the comfort you brought me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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