This Is Why Adolescent Love Is So Astounding

Seth Doyle
Seth Doyle

The capability during adolescence to fall in love is astounding. The idea that we as youths are infinitely less reserved and averted to the adoration of natural beauty is something recognizable as the delicate way the Earth works. As young adults, we are filled to the brim with complexities, intricacies and emotions that we cannot fathom within ourselves.

We are flooded with thoughts surrounding one object of affection, or multiple objects of affection. The ability to be overloaded with such overwhelming and overflowing feelings is seemingly linked to simply being naive and romanticizing the idea of love. As one ages, the fantasy-like and entrancing illusions that love beholds quickly wither away.

Until we reach the age of awareness – of the ways the world can be harsh and cruel and intervene in what seems to finally be happiness

We have only a holy and innocent mindset on the idea of love. We spend the rest of our lives searching for a love that will match the intriguing and enthralling passion of the first, yet because of our skepticism, we are our own preventers and enemies.

This is why love during formative years is so astounding. We love beyond our own boundaries.

We love with a love so blinding and so heady, we easily succumb to the power of it. The simplicity that accompanies adolescence is instantly mixed with the overlapping and interwoven feelings that follow falling in love. For this reason, the depth and profundity we know adolescents to be capable of surpasses our own. Once tainted with the inevitable pain love brings, we are forever jaded and guarded to the idea of love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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